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Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, June 10, 2014
We are so blessed to be part of giving and this into the lives of those who truly need it. There are many groups around the world that give aid to the poor, and we are honored to be able to serve people in our city in the same way. Today, we started handing out our own "Family Aid Pack's" to families that we have identified in Oodi, Mokatse and Modipane, which are the areas we are currently working in and it was a privilege to be able to give in this way. 

As we give in this way, it opens the door for us to share the Good News of Jesus and people respond in an amazing way. Andi and I feel the Lord is going to use these moments to expand our influence in the communities that we have identified and look forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do. We have entered into negotiations with a local farmer who will package vegetables for us at discounted prices. We have decided not to ask these suppliers for donations, but many of them have expressed a desire to discount the prices as they feel our approach is unique in that we are not asking them for donations like so many others do.

We hope to be able to package the food parcels into boxes and will add to these vegetables, various other items of food such as Maize meal, salt, sugar, canned foods, samp and beans, which are staple diet foods with good nutritional value. Lastly, we saw a great need for clothing to be given to children between the ages of  2 and 11 years, so we are looking at ways to raise clothing in South Africa to bring across the border into Botswana. Many churches will be approached to create collection centers. From here, we will be able to collect clothing and later possibly non perishable foods.

A dry food parcel currently costs around P80.00 (R88.00 ZAR) $8.8 (US) and we will add vegetables of around P20.00 (R20.00 ZAR) $2 USD bring the cost to around P100.00 (Pula) (R100.00 ZAR) $10 USD. Our policy is not to ask anyone for money, but we would love to give those who wish to support our efforts an opportunity to do so. Please visit our gifts page on our website www.marklabuschagne.com/gifts.php and for reference purposes, please mark your monthly or once off gift as "FAP". Currently, administration costs per parcel is also around P20 per box, however, the more parcels we are able to distribute the lower our delivery costs will become. To those who have given in the past, we wish to thank you personally for your kindness and generosity and I know that you will be blessed because of it.

Lastly, we are giving companies and individuals the opportunity to have their names placed on the boxes we will be using to distribute to these families and ask you to let us know if you wish to sponsor a 1000 boxes. Please complete the form on our contact page with your details informing us that you wish to sponsor boxes and we will send you information about the costs of these. 

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