OFH Association terminated

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, August 25, 2012
A couple of months ago, I approached Our Father's House and asked Larry Booth, the senior Pastor of the congregation, who I have known for twelve years if they would consider being our US ministry pastoral oversight and we were told that they would formalize this as soon as it was possible to do so,.

Subsequently, along with my wife and South African staff I decided to withdraw our request and this with immediate effect. It is regrettable that this did not work out as planned, but we are confident that the Lord's continued plan for our lives will bring us to the place of unity and understanding and that we will see our US ministry continue to grow and move forward. 

We have a heart to see the US touched and changed by the power of His word and know that even in a small way, we will continue to be a part of His purpose in this great nation. We continue to honor the man of God and pray the Lord will continue the good work that He has started in His Church.

Friends, I leave you with this, never cease to display the heart of God and to be Christ to everyone you come in contact with, I pray that the Lord will give us the courage to be the kind of leaders He called us to be, men and women who will display the heart of God, even in the face of difficult circumstances.

Our love for our Father

Mark Labuschagne We are a vessel set apart, cleansed, emptied, consecrated; just standing, waiting every moment for God, in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to work out in us as much of the holiness and the life of His Son as pleases Him We worship Him only!

Ministry Bio

Mark Labuschagne At the age of 12, God called Mark to ministry and for the last 44-years his desire to stay true to this calling remains his passion. It was in the desert place, the road less traveled that God gave Mark a prophetic voice and sent him to the nations. In his 30 years of ministry, Mark has traveled to 60 countries and has seen the hand of God move in amazing ways in the hearts and lives of those he was sent to. He has a special love for the USA, a nation that he has visited and traveled extensively for over some 20 years. He currently lives between South Africa and Botswana and is an accomplished pianist, a sort after speaker, a respected preacher and seasoned prophet who desires to see the Kingdom of God established in the hearts of people across the earth. Married to Andi, they have two children, Carey 30, now married to Matthew and Ryan 28, engaged to Chantal, with Arabella their first grand baby and a cat named Tiga...