Our new HIV/Aids training program soon to be launching

Posted by News Editor on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Under: HIV Aid's "Just say No"
We are hoping to be able to launch our HIV/Aids training program here in Gaborone within the next few weeks. Andi and I got to spend some time with the senior councillor at the Botswana University and she explained how out of control the pandemic is and friends, we know unless people turn to Christ, the battle will never be won. 

When we heard how rampant this disease was, and how promiscuous young people have become, we both felt an urgency in our hearts and saw an opportunity to present this course written by Bruce Wilkinson, which we have previously presented  in South Africa a number of years ago, here in Botswana. The idea would be to train local pastors and to provide them with the relevant material so that they can present the course in their respective arrears. What is great about this program is that one can present this in a home, even on a one-on-one basis or with the entire family without the family having to worry about the stigma attached to the disease and or worrying about what other people might think or say.

Friends, in order for this to work and be effective, we would need to raise funding which will enable us to purchase the material at no cost to those we get to minister to. We will approach "Walk thru the Bible", based in Johannesburg direct and see if we can have this discounted in any way, however, and in the meantime, we ask you to please stand in agreement with us that the Lord will provide the means for us to make this possible.

This workbook costs P37.50 (R45.00) which is approximately $4.50 US. Please agree with us as we are hoping to be able to purchase a minimum of 1000 workbooks, which we will give free of charge to those pastors attending these courses. Furthermore, we would also like to be able to place a training curriculum set, which includes a 2 x DVD set and a CD starter pack in each pastors hand and these cost R295.00 approximately $29.50 US each.

We once again, we are not asking anyone for money, but we are asking you, our prayer partners to agree with us as we ask the Lord for His provision, knowing that He will make it possible. I believe if we can reach one, we can touch many and it is with this in mind that I am believing we will be able to launch this program sooner than we think.

We will be preparing our banners and the personal "Just say no" cards, which is the name of the program which we will be running across the nation and these should be ready within a short space of time. Lastly, I also covet your prayers as I get to meet with the Ministers of Health and Education, hoping to get Governments rubber stamp on the project.

If you do feel that you would like to sponsor this program or part thereof, you are welcome to visit our gifts page and we do ask you to make your gift "JSN" so that these funds can be allocated to the correct department. God bless you all

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