Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, April 24, 2010
Hi Mark & Andi  Yesterday, 02/02/2010 was the 10th anniversary of our coming to the States and I am remembering all the wonderful people in my life who have contributed to our coming and staying here. You have played a major part in the legality of our paperwork and I praise the Lord for your help and support to us, as well as your obedience to His instructions (the affiliation, etc). I bless you and thank you and may the Lord recompense you in a mighty way for it!  I have also received the impartation for prophetic painting through you and that has been a great blessing in my life and that of others. Therefore I want to encourage you to go forth in the power of His strength and DO NOT HOLD BACK! YOU HAVE MUCH TO IMPART!  It was so good to see you and I know that you have broken through into a place of victory in the spirit! Make sure that you maintain that stand of liberty in His Rest, for there will be contention about that place.  2010 is a year of double grace and I believe that (like David) you will recover all that the enemy has stolen from you - I also declare DOUBLE STRENGTH and a DOUBLE PORTION of the ANOINTING over you. So let me know when you do that Prophetic Conference and I will pray for you, OK?  Love and overflowing blessings


I am positive that you will not remember me, but I want you to know that you had a tremendous impact on my life and I love you for your ability to hear from the Lord and your obedience to act upon the things He tells you.

I visited the Crossroads Church in Branson back in 2001 and you were speaking that night. I had other plans to be in St. Louis, but my friend talked me into going to church with her that night. I was there--grudgingly.
You were preaching on Jonah that night.... We were sitting in the very back center section and you told me to stand up. I was certain that you weren't talking to me... you kept on until I stood up! Your prophetic message to me was that God loves me and He has a mighty plan for my life that is going to knock my socks off! As a new believer (and not a kid!) I KNEW your message was for ME! I went to St. Louis the next day and attended a Joyce Meyer Conference. I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues...wow... Returned to Branson and was water Baptized and have been going to Crossroads International Revival Center for 7 years. I have been to Jamaica on a missions trip and am leaving Wednesday to go to Ireland with Pastor Sheila to participate in a women's conference in Belfast. My life has changed so much since the night I heard you speak, and I just want to say Thank You, Brother for doing your part.

I am not for sure if you remember us or not.... We were unable to have children and the Lord gave you a word for us that it was not time for our child to be born... and then you smiled and said to call you when our daughter was born.... She is now 7 and the light of our life! We never called to let you know, but I wanted you to meet her. Her name is Analise (means... God's gracious promise). She is such a blessing to Jason and I and a true gift from God!

Our love for our Father

Mark Labuschagne We are a vessel set apart, cleansed, emptied, consecrated; just standing, waiting every moment for God, in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to work out in us as much of the holiness and the life of His Son as pleases Him We worship Him only!

Ministry Bio

Mark Labuschagne At the age of 12, God called Mark to ministry and for the last 44-years his desire to stay true to this calling remains his passion. It was in the desert place, the road less traveled that God gave Mark a prophetic voice and sent him to the nations. In his 30 years of ministry, Mark has traveled to 60 countries and has seen the hand of God move in amazing ways in the hearts and lives of those he was sent to. He has a special love for the USA, a nation that he has visited and traveled extensively for over some 20 years. He currently lives between South Africa and Botswana and is an accomplished pianist, a sort after speaker, a respected preacher and seasoned prophet who desires to see the Kingdom of God established in the hearts of people across the earth. Married to Andi, they have two children, Carey 30, now married to Matthew and Ryan 28, engaged to Chantal, with Arabella their first grand baby and a cat named Tiga...