To overcome, we must die

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, September 26, 2013
I must say that God is working something supernatural into us. As Andi and I have been waiting on the Lord over the last few months, His transforming power that is at work in us has brought us to the space of complete surrender. We have been saved for many years and this morning as we stood in His presence, I just realized how faithful our Father truly is in that He has continued to lead us and guide us to this point, this day Sept 26th 2013, a place where our understanding of abandonment has finally been grasped.

It might sound like a revolutionary idea to some, but to me, it has become the center of my life. The fullness of God manifesting in me has being something I have pursued ever since I was a twelve year old boy and to see myself as reaching a place in my life where I can now only begin to understand what the Lord has been doing in my life along; just overwhelms me.

My friend, I am so desperate to see glory of God manifest in me, that I have come to the place of willing surrender unto death. I have come to a place, by faith of understanding the meaning of dying to self. Phil 1:21 For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. It is in dying that we live. Christ lay down His life even unto death, he willingly gave it up so that God could complete the work He started in Him and we are required to do the same. Give our lives up to God.

Jesus got this divine life by depending absolutely upon the Father all His life long, depending upon Him even down into death. Jesus got that life in the full glory of the Spirit to be poured out, by giving Himself up in obedience and surrender to God alone, and leaving God even in the grave to work out His mighty power; and that very Christ will live in you and me. Oh the mystery! Oh the glory! And oh the Divine certainty. Jesus Christ means to live out that life in you and me. Do you not agree with me that we ought to humble ourselves before God? Have we been Christians for so many years, and realized so little what we are? I think the time has come that we should confess, I am a vessel set apart, cleansed, emptied, consecrated; just standing, waiting every moment for God, in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to work out in me as much of the holiness and life of His Son as pleases Him.

My friends, until the church of Christ comes to go down into the grace of humiliation, and confession, and shame; until the Church of Christ comes to lay itself in the very dust before God, and to wait upon God to do something new, and something wonderful, something supernatural, in lifting it up, it will remain feeble in all its efforts to overcome the world.

Within the Church what lukewarmness, what worldliness, what disobedience, what sin! How can we ever fight this battle, or meet these difficulties? The answer is: Christ, the risen One, the crowned One, the almighty One, must come, and live in the individual members. But we can not expect this except we die with Him. Children of God, we must go deeper into the grave of Jesus. we must cultivate the sense of impotence, and dependence, and nothingness, until our souls walk before God every day in a deep and holy trembling.

Our prayer ; God keep us from anything. God teach us to wait on You, that You may work in us all You completed in Your Son, till Christ Jesus may live out His life in us! Amen...

For this Church, may God help us!

Recommended reading: Andrew Murray "The Master's Indwelling"

Our love for our Father

Mark Labuschagne We are a vessel set apart, cleansed, emptied, consecrated; just standing, waiting every moment for God, in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to work out in us as much of the holiness and the life of His Son as pleases Him We worship Him only!

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