Visiting different areas

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Sunday, July 20, 2014
Yesterday, Andi and I once again embarked on a fact finding mission and went to Otse, Lobatse and Kanye to see what the different needs were in these areas. Every town or village we visited, we got to see opportunities for reaching souls for the Kingdom of God and it stirred us to reach out wherever we can.

Little girl with Rickets playing in the field

The need is so great and we really are blessed to be able to reach out to those around us. We found this little girl playing all on her own with the little she had in her hand and it really pulled at my heart strings. People take so much for granted, even those who have nothing, do exactly the same and we as a people no longer seem to have a real passion to reach out to those around us. We have become so busy with ourselves and our own "thing" that we have very little time for one another. 

The message of Jesus seems so strange by comparison, for His teachings are not widely adhered to. Some might disagree with me, and that is their right, but when Jesus said, "Give to everyone who asks of you" for example, He meant it! If someone asked you for a jacket, "give them two". If you were instructed to carry something for a mile, "carry it for two", came His instruction. But do we do this? We say we give, but most often our giving always comes with conditions attached to it, and when we give, do we really give our best? We might say so, but if we were honest with ourselves, the truth would speak differently. 

A homestead in the village of Otse about 45 miles from Gaborone

If Jesus is our ultimate example of giving, then surely the Church falls seriously short. How many would truly give up everything for the sake of another? Would we sell everything we own and give it to the poor? Of course not, for if this were so, then why are we not doing it? The reality is this, we live for ourselves and most often than none, we are seemingly caught in survival trap. This is not the way of Christ, for Jesus set a free and gave us the ability through Him to live out our lives in the abundance of His word and when we look at the teachings of Paul, we are able to see how the abundance of Christ is always at work in us. Romans 15:29 And I know, that when I come to you, I shall come in the abundance of the blessing of the gospel of Christ. DRB 

So, we are encouraged to go, make disciples and to bless those we are sent to. You might say to me, Mark, we are not able to do so, and in most instances, I understand this, however, that does not mean that we stop there. Time to reach out to those we are sent to. Friend, we can reach out to those around us, those who are in your own home (Family) , those who might be in our employ. Those who live around us and those we work with. By simply listening to the voice of the Spirit of God in us and by being doers of the word, we are able above all else, to reach higher, deeper and further than before.  

Together, we can make a difference...

Our love for our Father

Mark Labuschagne We are a vessel set apart, cleansed, emptied, consecrated; just standing, waiting every moment for God, in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to work out in us as much of the holiness and the life of His Son as pleases Him We worship Him only!

Ministry Bio

Mark Labuschagne At the age of 12, God called Mark to ministry and for the last 44-years his desire to stay true to this calling remains his passion. It was in the desert place, the road less traveled that God gave Mark a prophetic voice and sent him to the nations. In his 30 years of ministry, Mark has traveled to 60 countries and has seen the hand of God move in amazing ways in the hearts and lives of those he was sent to. He has a special love for the USA, a nation that he has visited and traveled extensively for over some 20 years. He currently lives between South Africa and Botswana and is an accomplished pianist, a sort after speaker, a respected preacher and seasoned prophet who desires to see the Kingdom of God established in the hearts of people across the earth. Married to Andi, they have two children, Carey 30, now married to Matthew and Ryan 28, engaged to Chantal, with Arabella their first grand baby and a cat named Tiga...