What is the desire of your heart

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, October 27, 2014
Ninety percent of the time when I ask God's people what is the foremost desire of their hearts, they would give me some earthly response. They would tell me they want to have more money, a better job, see family saved. Some would be more specific and tell me about a need they might have, a desire to see a relationship restored, or something along those lines, yet and I dare to say this, less than ten percent would say they desire to see God glorified in their lives more than anything this world has to offer. And I begin to understand why the Church is in the position that it is. We have become a people who have placed our focus on the things that are around us, and God remains a distant place in our religious minds that we only speak to or even remember when we need something.

Sundays, we do the religious thing and make a joyful noise along with other believers, but our hearts remain far from God. We are a self-centered people who say we love God, yet, ninety percent love themselves or place themselves first, even in front of the God they say they serve. The church has a form of godliness, but deny the true power thereof. We say all the right things, but our actions, which speak louder than words, show and or says something completely different. We compromise on so many different levels and do not even feel ashamed of our actions and wonder why things do not work out the way we expected they would when we gave our lives to Christ.

Some seem to think that as they had given their lives to Christ, this was all that was needed, but my friends, salvation is be an ongoing fact of every believer's heart (Matt 6:33). And my friend, the thing you ask for the most has become the focus of your heart. You say you love God, but you are constantly pursuing Him for what you can get out of Him rather than pursuing Him for who He is.

I too made the mistake of running after God because I needed a specific need met. But, this is what I watched those around me, the church, my fellow believers do, and from an early age, the example I had to follow was always begging God to meet a need. The preaching was always about "Trusting God for something", but never heard anyone preach and tell me to place my TRUST IN GOD. There is a huge difference when I place my trust in the living God as opposed to trusting Him for something when I have a need. I have learnt everything I need is already in HIm. I never heard many messages about pursuing God until I read Tommy Teeney's book, God Chasers, I one hardly hears anyone talking about the heart of God in this manner.

The preachers of old, they spoke about it, they taught about it and they demonstrated the results of their godly pursuance, and I ask the question, where are those preachers today? Men who pursue the heart of God in such a way that the presence of God surrounds them and people are drawn to the Christ? Where are those who not only talk about Jesus, but demonstrate Him? Yes, there are many who have built great ministries, and they will be known for that, but in the end, when they die, the legacy will be about the work, rather than about the Christ.

My heart, is simply this, to set aside everything that is not God. If you focus is on Him, you will soon get to a place where it nothing else matters. We need to put everything thing aside and chase after, pursue Him and do so until He becomes the lover of our soul. We must do so and continue until everything else around us no longer matters, we must be totally abandoned and to surrender unconditionally in His arms and allow His word to cover us.

Friend, dare to make Jesus the center of your life this day... Dare to clear your mind of everything that is between you and your Savior, dare to stand out in the crowd and to take the road less travelled and run until you feel the embrace of His loving arms surround you.

Sacrifice everything, give it all up so that you can be the possessor and the owner of the land (Matt 13:46). Your inheritance is sure when you have abandoned yourself to the King.

Our love for our Father

Mark Labuschagne We are a vessel set apart, cleansed, emptied, consecrated; just standing, waiting every moment for God, in Christ, by the Holy Spirit, to work out in us as much of the holiness and the life of His Son as pleases Him We worship Him only!

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Mark Labuschagne At the age of 12, God called Mark to ministry and for the last 44-years his desire to stay true to this calling remains his passion. It was in the desert place, the road less traveled that God gave Mark a prophetic voice and sent him to the nations. In his 30 years of ministry, Mark has traveled to 60 countries and has seen the hand of God move in amazing ways in the hearts and lives of those he was sent to. He has a special love for the USA, a nation that he has visited and traveled extensively for over some 20 years. He currently lives between South Africa and Botswana and is an accomplished pianist, a sort after speaker, a respected preacher and seasoned prophet who desires to see the Kingdom of God established in the hearts of people across the earth. Married to Andi, they have two children, Carey 30, now married to Matthew and Ryan 28, engaged to Chantal, with Arabella their first grand baby and a cat named Tiga...