We are super excited about all that God by His blessed Holy Spirit is doing in South Africa and remain encouraged to seek the heart of God and to push beyond man-made boundaries as we pursue the agenda of heaven on earth. Jesus  prayer, "Let your Kingdom come on this earth as it is in heaven" and so it is our hearts desire to see the Kingdom of God come and fill every earthen vessel with His glory.
The time has come for the Church to echo the sound of heaven in our beloved country South Africa. For far too long we have allowed politicians to dictate standards that are based on a false agenda instituted by the system of man. We believe the Church of Jesus Christ needs to take her rightful place in our nation to speak, declare and prophesy the word of truth to every corner of this nation and influence the hearts of our people. Whether in local Government, provincial or national. In business and in our schools.
South Africa needs God like never before

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