2021 Possessing the Promise

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, December 24, 2020
As you sit in My presence you will become acquainted with the sound of heaven coming down and flooding the whole earth with the glorious invasion of My word. Now, like never before the sound of My voice will reverberate throughout the nations and many shall be impacted, touched and influenced by the declared word.

You have had to endure hardships over a time, and even though this will continue, My word remains true. I have never left you, neither have I forsaken you, in fact, I have been the One constant in your midst. I have never changed, but remained steadfast, ensuring My word be accomplished, not only in you, but throughout the nations. 

Now listen carefully, as you cross over into the promise I have spoken, the time has come that you, My people, possess the land (promise). Take what I have given you, by force. Mark out, cut up, divide as you see fit, but possession is yours. Claim the land (promise) for yourselves, for all that I have spoken and promised, is now yours to possess.

Do not stand on the river bank and wonder, no, take what belongs to you. Take it with the same faith Abraham used when accepting the promise over his life. Some of you have wondered if you would ever see My word come to pass, but I declare the season is now upon you.

Even when you see and or face an opposing force, do not for one moment, stand back, but stand your ground and remind yourself, every place on which your feet shall tread, now belongs to you. 

So go, move forward and into all that I have spoken as your inheritance and possess the promise! 


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