A new generation

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, October 2, 2014
I declare, "God is raising up a new generation of leaders from across the nations, these are those who desire nothing more than Jesus Christ. Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, they will accomplish more in a shorter space of time than anyone would have imagined. Their hearts are filled with a sense of awe as they serve those they have been sent too... This is a new generation of selfless warriors, men and women whose only ambition is to see Jesus high and lifted up. With shouts of praise on their lips, every action and every deed will bring glory to their God, for this is their reasonable act of worship"...

I prophesy to you mighty warrior this day, "Come now you New Generation, take your rightful place in the presence of the King. Raise your voices and shout from the mountain tops, let your voices be carried by the winds of the Spirit, echoes of glory shall reverberate across the valleys, through the highways and the rivers shall swell with the sounds of praise. Your passion shall draw the hearts of the hungry and the lost and the dying shall hear a new sound, a sound of the true church rising, for as the sun shines on the face of man, so shall the Son of man shine on the hearts of those who surrender and with shouts of praise, they shall bow down in worship. Walls will come tumbling down, for the great and glorious day of the Lord is at hand for all to see"...


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