A Personal Prophecy

Posted by Chad Boswell on Saturday, February 1, 2014
Mark, here is a word the Lord gave me for you.

"There has indeed been a shift in the atmosphere. America is ready now.. go for whatever the Lord reveals .. do not hesitate. Yes!! Declare His word. Let His heart flow and be made known. This portal, will advance the acceleration of the Great Awakening with signs and wonders.. so whatever you do whatever you say by His leading will be done. your dreams will become more informative as to how to move in his spirit. America is waking up to her position in Christ. It is your inheritance to take the land and bring healing to the people. Your path is his path. 'As One' " !!!

God is indeed opening doors before us and Andi and I are excited to see His plan continue to unfold in the the that it is. The Lord is good to us and we really are grateful for the way in which we continue to progress in Him. Thank you for your prayers and faithfulness.


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