A warning to Church leadership

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, June 5, 2010

You sit in your comfortable buildings and brag about your positions among men, but you have accomplished nothing more than your own empire. You use My name in vain and your labor is in vain. Your motives are impure and you think that I have not seen through this. But I ...warn you this day, repent from your wickedness, for you have allowed your heart to be deceived by the pleasantry of man. Your heavenly Father loves you and desires that you bow your heart before Me, that you would come back to the place of worship and that you would seek My presence. If you do not return to me, I will cause calamity to fall on you and expose you to My will and purpose for your life and ministry. You have become complacent and self-conceited and have fallen out of favor with the King. Go back to the beginning, get back to the drawing board and wait on Me. For I desire to share My heart with you. I desire to show you the way, I desire to lead you into the fullness of My glory.


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