Act like a son

Posted by Steve Petzer on Wednesday, June 19, 2013
There's times in life when God expects us to act like a son! Moses found himself and his people trapped between the sea and an army that was set on forcing them back into slavery... At another time He was threatened because of a lack in water... and so the story continues. Each time though God basically rebuked him... 'Moses, why are you crying out to me?'

"Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through on dry land." Exo 14:16

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where it seems like there's a huge barrier between us and our 'promised land'. The breakthrough that you are seeking might be laying beyond a mountain stuff. Objectives that seem insurmountable... or a sea situation that is impassable... or such a huge lack in resources that your dream seem impossible... Now what?

This my friend is where we get 'revealed' as sons of God... or not! It is here where we truly become what He intended us to be. Maybe you are at the point now where you need to be the solution. For too long have you been the one finding the solution which is great but there's more to being a son than just that.

It's time to extend your hand over the sea to make a way where there is no way... or maybe you need to speak to the rock to release the water of your provision... How? We may not always know how but this I know He that is in me knows and He is eager on getting me to be what I have to be...

"Not by might nor by power says the Lord, but by My Spirit..." Those who are led by the Spirit will be called sons of God!


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