And so you say...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, September 29, 2010
So many Christians are going through so many different trials at this time that it actually alarms me to hear about all the suffering, hardships and pain. As I write this, I can confirm that we to have had our fair share and can tell many different stories. However, when you listen to the person next to you, your problem does not seem that big a deal. We are praying for friends all over the world, people who are suffering from sickness and disease and others who are going through financially difficulties, or are experiencing problems within their family and the list is just endless.

And so the calls come in and the prayer list gets longer. I have listened to my friends reason and hear the way they wish the Lord would respond to their requests and on many occasions I hear myself speaking. I have also wrestled with the Lord and argued with Him in my desperate attempt to either make myself feel at least better or get some kind of answer. And I am sure on many such occasion, I am sure the Lord must have smiled when He listened to my human attempt to justify my reasoning. 

I have seen God move on my behalf in such awesome ways in the past that I felt blown away by His kindness, even though I do not deserve it, He blessed me anyway because He loves me. Jesus work on the cross made it possible for us to access the throne room of grace and make the desires of our hearts known to Him and I believe as you read this, you are just as grateful as I am.

So how do we deal with all that we are going through? How do we maintain focus when the sea is raging around us? The answer I believe is found in the faith we place in the Fathers ability to perform all that He has promised. In other words, we need to use the weapons we have at our disposal. In this case, faith! We have to believe, that God is in control, despite what we are going through, we have to know that He already has the answers sorted and things worked out for and on our behalf, even if we do not see the manifestation of the promise, when we need it, we have to know that God remains faithful.

Will we be willing to stand, even the face of adversity? If God's provision does not come,  will we remain faithful? I do not have the answers, but I have learnt to stand still, to be quiet and not say anything, except to declare the Truth, which declares that my God is able! I encourage you to stand still on His word and allow the Spirit of God to guide you and remember, in the end, He has already overcome all things for and on our behalf and we need to see ourselves as victorious.


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