Are you locked into the system of mammon?

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, November 12, 2010

There are so many people around us that are going through difficulties today that I felt I needed to write a piece about money and its destruction of good people in our time.

One of the things I have noticed over the last five years is the amount of greed in the hearts of people and I am not even talking about Christains. The way in which people got themselves into more debt before the recession hit them, was absolutely amazing. In fact amazing is not the right word to use, it was more like disgusting. And it is the love of money that causes the greed we have seen, (A by product of the love of money), which has caused many to fall into the pit of despair, and this in turn has brought along with it, more hurt than they could ever have imagined.

A few years ago, I prophecied that there would come a time when we would see a three year financial drought hit the nations and I believe this reccession to be the fulfilment of that word. In fact, I believe that we will soon see a turn around as we near the end of the three year period. One condition, given during this time, that was important was the fact the Lord said, "Even my people will suffer during this time, but those who worship Me, I will guide them and bring them comfort and give them increase so that people will know that My favor rests upon them". 

The key ingredient here, was to worship Him regardless of our situation and although not too many people grabed hold of this, those who continued to worship (Live their lives in honor of) the King, have experienced the supernatural hand of God direct their lives through this crisis

Having said all this, I want to make it clear that the word of God says, it is the "Love" of money, which is the route of all evil and not "Money" itself. There is nothing wrong with having money, it is what you do with it that will determine whether you actually love it or not. And herein lies the truth, those who worship the Lord in spirit and in truth do not hold onto or become lovers of the money they have. Their heart is not focused on the money but rather on the King. They have learnt to place Him first in everything they do, and in doing so, they have become great stewards of the gift they have been trusted with and have learnt to honor the Lord regardless of their financial position.

A greedy man hoardes and becomes self absorbed and obsessed with what he has, and a worshiper by contrast, is free to live and walk in His freedom without question, simply because their obsession is Christ. Today, we need to learn to worship with everything we have, and by worship, I am not implying that we give it all away, no, on the contray, I am saying that by worshiping Christ, money never forms part of the equation. Whether we have or do not have, makes no difference to our relationship with our Lord and Savior.

So, the key to succeeding in these times is found in our worship of the One True God and in doing so, we become great stewards of the gifts given to us. We do not allow ourselves to become greedy and hoard for the sake of having more, but that which we acquire brings honor to the One we serve. It is therefore this act of our worship of Christ that separates us from the system on mammon.

Furthermore, we need to make sure that we do not put ourselves into more debt, we must learn to be satisfied with what we have, for debt will lock us into the system of mammon and once it does, we become a slave to it. In the end you and I will have to pay the price for your bad judgement, but thank the Lord, we can call this to mind, the love of God will bring healing to our hearts and give us the way of escape.

Jesus came to set the captive free and this means from everything that would hinder us from walking in the fullness and abundance that He promised. The trap many find themselves in is real and hard to comprehend, and it is up to each one to acknowledge the wrong, but also call this to mind, God is willing and able to rescue those who call on His name and if we would humble ourselves, we would see that His grace has already accomplished the work on our behalf.

Friend, maybe you have made a judgement call that has led you to the place you now find yourself in, but I want you to know that you and I are free to serve, and that as we thank God for His grace, we see ourselves as set free from the  system that we followed, which caused us to stumble in the first place. As we acknowledge our mistake, God wants us to know that He does not hold it against us, even though it might feel like He does, but we allow our faith to rise up in His name and hold on to the promise, for our redemption draws nearer every day.

Indeed you might still have to go through the consequences of your judgement call, but it is important to know that God holds nothing against you. You are free to worship Him and in the midst of your battle, know that our heavenly Father is able to rescue you.


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