Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Sunday, May 25, 2014
"l the Lord will breakthrough every wall of resistance for and on your behalf. l Shall do it. For too long the enemy of your soul has sort to destroy my purpose in you. But I have not granted such. Therefore as you gather on the hilltops and in the valleys you shall see the glorious hand of the Lord move on your behalf. Gather together from the north and the south for you shall witness the victory I have given you this day.

Do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you and I shall defend My purpose in you. I am your defender, your Mighty deliverer, the Defender of the weak , the Protector of the innocent . l make a way where there seems to be none . Your enemy trembles at the very mention of My name.

So rise up and gather together in the presence of the Lord your God, for this day you shall see the breakthrough, the promised deliverance manifest. You shall witness the bursting through, the glorious defeat, the great victory that I established before the foundation of the earth manifest in you.

I shall breakthrough the created battle lines of self imposed perceptions and opinions. l shall breakthrough the stronghold of traditions and of religious ideologies that have caused the hearts of men to be hardened to the Truth.

YOU shall see that I have wash away your sorrows and your discomforts and SEIZE these from your hearts. l will cause the Truth of My word to manifest in you and shall display My pleasure amongst you, for you are My delight . You are My Royal Priesthood and My Joy.

Take heed and listen to my Voice go in peace for your breakthrough has come".


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