Captivated by the Master

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, April 14, 2012
Sitting in His presence, the very first thing I noticed about Him, was the way in which He captured my attention by showing His true character and intention towards me. As a young man, I was amazed at the power that is Jesus, manifesting in and through the Blessed Holy Spirit. I was intrigued by His goodness and the patient way in which He waited for me to catch His heart. I was so astounded by His kindness, that I choose to pursue the pursuer of my heart. I mean, everything He did was to capture my attention and to show Himself faithful in all that He is. 

Since my first encounter with my Master, I have seen my life changed by the grace of God and have learnt to see myself just as Jesus sees me. Now that I am saved by grace, I continue to explore His heart so that I can know mine. It was at a tender age that I first became aware of the presence of Jesus and the desire to know the ONE who died on the Cross of Calvary that I might have life and live it in such a way that He be glorified, made my pursuit of His holiness all that more important.

Today, I choose to live my life in honor of the ONE I call Lord for it was at that precise moment, when the Master of my heart invaded my heart that I surrendered unconditionally to His fullness in me. Jesus Christ became the resident King! Over the years that followed, I have continued to honor Him with my life. As my obsession to please Him grew, I soon learnt that the God I now served had made me righteous in Christ and that there was nothing more that I could do to improve the perfection I had already received. 

Perfection in Christ is believing that the work of the Cross has already accomplished its intended purpose in me and even though this took some time to grasp, the full realization of this fact manifested in me when my heart rested in the perfect peace that only Jesus can give. 

We are encouraged this day to continue to live our lives with the confidence of knowing that Jesus is the resident King and that our hearts have and remain surrendered to His grace in us.


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