Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Daddy, out of all the words in the dictionary I could use...only two come to mind when I think of the incredible man that you are...Thank You. Thank you for being strong in the Lord so I can learn from that. Thank you for being a loving husband so that I know what to look for in the man I will marry. Thank you for being the best dad in the whole world so I can grow up to be the best that I can be. The world may see this time in my life where I leave the nest and become my own person...but I see this time as soaking up everything I can from you and mommy and testing out the foundation you built for me to fly. I am rooted and grounded in love because of you, and I thank God everyday. I love you tremendously!

When i read this, I had to post it here because this is the heart of a young girl I met many years ago who has grown up and become a woman after God's own heart. Can our children truly say this about us? Dad's are these the words you hear coming out of the mouth of the young lady or young man you have living in your house?

You see, we need fathers who are a reflection of Jesus. Men who have been willing to pay the price so that their children may know and live Christ as they see us doing.

Your responsibility as a father outweighs anything you can think of, simply because it brings life to those who follow your example.



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