Every step, promise fullfilled

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Each and every day in our lives and ministry is another in the right direction, every step is promise fulfilled, but coming to this understanding has taken some time, at least in our lives that is. God continues to work in us and even though we face many different challenges, we have learnt to listen to His voice and hang on every word that He speaks, believing that at the right time, all things He has promised, declared and spoken will manifest without delay.

A few months ago, we sensed the Lord say that we are moving into the “second phase” as it were of our  ministry and at the time, this really excited me, however, we know things do not always work out the way we expect them to and it is here where a lot of folks come unstuck. Instead of staying the course, waiting on the Lord, we kind of think we have to make things happen, as if the Lord really needed our help.

But thank the Lord, He remains faithful to His word; even if we do not understand everything that He is doing, He continues to forge ahead without hesitation. And this is exactly what I am learning to accept. God’s ways are perfect and without distraction and as we live by faith, it is absolutely imperative that we stay the course.  

If we believe that God is the captain of this ship (our lives), then we know that He will bring us to His intended destination. I have never seen someone board a plane bound for a certain city wondering if the captain would know how to get them there. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me that some folk cannot seem to place the same type of faith in God’s promises.

So it is with us, God continues to speak to us and we learn day by day to follow His leading and place our faith in His ability to bring us to the place of promise. You are encouraged to remain in Him. Be part of the Plan and never run ahead of all that God continues to do to ensure that all He has promised manifests in you.

Friend, we need to remember God is the Plan of every believers hear,t there is no other!


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