Faithful heart of a worshiper

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, January 22, 2011
If there is a word which speaks volumes to me and has so much meaning, then in my opinion it has to be the word "Faithfulness". Faithfulness is derived from the word faith and its definition is to: Trust in something. When we first heard the Word, it became life to those who believed and as we accepted this truth, we choose to give our allegiance to Christ and as a result our faith was strengthened and our confidence in His word grew and His word was established in the hearts of those who believed.

When we have the type of confidence that I am speaking of, the result will cause one to commit to the purpose and do so because they believe that what they have chosen to trust, is true! Jesus my friend, died that we can live a life, free from the law that prevented us from being reconciled with our Father and as Christ paved the way and made it possible for us to access the throne room of grace, we can do so confidently, because we know the He was true and faithful.

Faithfulness, remains a character of Christ, it was who He is and His faithfulness remains a representation of our heavenly Fathers commitment, not only to His Son, but to man-kind and again, the Body of Christ must be a reflection of His faithfulness simply because it embellishes the heart of the One we serve.

Timothy had an excellent reputation for his faithfulness and was known as a faithful minister of the gospel. This is an important character reference that remains a reflection of the Christ, yet is lacking in many instances in the Christian society we live in today. Nevertheless, having said this, I am convinced that if we see ourselves as worshipers, our hearts will become a bastion of faithfulness and we will willingly obey and honor His word in us as this represents the character and nature of true worship.

So, we must allow Christ's faithfulness to be a guideline in all that we are... Let the foundation of our lives be established on this truth, which is Jesus Christ!


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