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Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, May 2, 2011

I have been waiting for you my people to set aside the things of this age and to pursue me with gladness of heart, to embrace my word and to worship me! For I have raised you up, chosen you, a royal priesthood, a people after my own heart and I require that you would no longer look around you, but look up and worship me in spirit and in truth for this is the desire of My Father's heart. My disciples must live to please me, to be willing to lay their lives down as I did so that God the Father be glorified in His Church. Come set aside those things that do not honor me, those things I have not instructed you to do, and set your heart on worshiping me. For there are many of you who are frustrated and confused, but know this, I will straighten your paths and continue to lead you in the promise which you have inherited and establish you in the midst of my glorious presence.  



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