God's timeline

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, September 8, 2010
A friend of mine made a statement, which I felt was so awesome and there and then we prayed this over our lives. "Lord elevate us so that we might see your timeline"... As I walk in the office of prophet it remains my desire to see God's plan unfold and to be doing exactly what He desires I be doing. God showed His servants many things in the past that has manifest in our time and even to this day, we continue to press in to the inner chamber of His holiness, so that we might know His heart beat, hear His voice and speak when instructed to do so.

Although we do not need to concern ourselves with the future, God continues to reveal certain things to His servants the prophets and we see His goodness manifest to such a degree that as we speak the word, countless people turn their lives to Christ.

This is the appointed time, seek the Lord with all your heart and you shall know His plan.


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