His Son shines through

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, November 17, 2010
When you find yourself in a difficult place, and you do not know which way to turn, God, in the most awesome way always comes through. If you are anything like me, I always tried to sort things out for myself and complained a lot when it did not work out. There were times I even got mad at God because I thought that He did not care. What was strange though, was the fact the only times I felt like that was when I went through a difficult patch. Sad, because I can really testify as to how He always came through for me, even with my moaning, nagging and complaining, He still remained faithful. So the lesson I had to learn here was to see myself as God saw me and this was where the struggle came.

The enemy would lie to me and say things when I was at my weakest, which were totally untrue, yet, instead of rejecting those thoughts, I would end up thinking they might be true (How dumb can we be). And when God did come through, it was always at the right time and then I felt bad because of the way I carried on.

This all changed when I understood what God's grace was all about and even though I thought I knew that He loved me, it was only when my eyes opened up to this truth that things began to make sense and I could then stand on the promises, despite my situation and rest in the knowledge, the OUR GOD IS ABLE!

Mature Christians learn to be patient (Fruit of the Spirit) and continue serving (Worshiping) the King because they know the are safe. They understand God is in control and praise Him constantly (before, during and after) in all things, because their confidence lies in Christ's ability. If Jesus said it is finished, then we see it as such and if the situation we are in takes a while to work itself out, then so be it, but I have learnt, I do no longer allow my emotional state or my thinking to dictate anything except that I praise Him. And all this because I know He is able.

So, my friend, as you continue on this journey, we call life, remember, He who is for you, resides on the inside and all you are called to do is worship Him and in doing so, you will see the Lord your God solve situations for and on your behalf, just because you are His child and He loves you. When the difficult times come, wait and see His light shine through, like the sun shining through the trees, so will the light of His Son (Glory) shine on you! Only believe... 


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