I hear the sound

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Do not listen to the voices around you, the distractions that only serve to capture your mind and create confusion in your midst (The law-driven sound). But listen, harken to the sound of My voice, for it is here that you will hear and see and that you will taste and know that I am releasing a new sound amongst you, the unheard sound of heaven, and with it shall come great revelation and knowledge of the Kingdom of God demonstrated in the hearts of the redeemed.

The unheard heavenly sound will be accompanied by a great rumble and shaking, a sound will expose the works of flesh (Pride), and reveal the Word of God in you. The very intrinsic nature of My Son, the revelation of His character, demonstrated in the hearts of every believer. A unique Kingdom sound, a sound that has never been heard before and My people shall speak with a clear and clarion voice, embracing the sound of heaven, a sound that shall echo throughout the universe . The sound of the Kingdom of God shall reverberate throughout the earth, and all men shall see and hear the sound of My Kingdom, revealed and demonstrated on this earth...

A great and mighty phenomena shall not only manifest throughout the earth, lights displayed across the heavens, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and great weather occurrences shall confirm My word and many shall be baffled by the display of My handiwork... The wisdom of man shall be confounded by all that I shall reveal. There are many things that shall be changed in this time as you know it and My glory shall be displayed for all to see and witness. 

A great AWAKENING IS AT HAND! Prepare your heart, for the King of Glory shall soon enter in... I have already given you the capacity to receive, now by faith, prepare your hearts. 


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