I hear the sound of heaven

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, September 5, 2013
My people your ignorance is bordering on arrogance. You have become complacent and excepting, believing that which is taking place before you, the things you have become accustomed to bears the fruit of my lips. You consider your actions acceptable and even say that it is pleasing to me, yet, I will show you a different way.

You have built your towers and worked and labored hard at proving your abilities. You have worked hard at showing those around you that you have what it takes to succeed in this age. You have built castles and you have gathered and amassed much and you say it is the blessing of the Lord, you even encourage others to do the same and label your efforts as achievements and give your accomplishments titles and try to teach others to do the same. How ignorant you have become.

Soon, I will expose your weaknesses and the floors, soon I will demonstrate my glory in your midst and you shall see that even what you thought was right, is nothing compared to the truth that will be revealed. My glory shall come wave upon wave and will cause your futile efforts to be like the dust, blown away in the wind, carried afar off, and away from my presence and the only thing that will remain is the goodness of God manifesting in ways that you never thought was possible. 

For even in this time, I am raising up men and women that I have trained by my Spirit, men and women that I have sheltered and kept aside for a time such as this and many will be amazed at what will be done and accomplished in and through the hearts and lives of these that I have called by my name. My power shall be released through them in such a way that your so-called miracles will be shameful by comparison. I am going to show myself, I am going to come myself, you can expect a visitation from heaven, for I will come in my power, the convincing truth and man shall know that I am amongst you.

Therefore, you are encouraged to set aside your ideas, your plans and your agendas and to wait on me. Prepare your hearts, prepare your tables, bring out the best you have, for the King of glory is about to enter in. As a mighty wind, you will not know where I came from, but soon I shall be standing in your midst and I will change the church as you see it today, in preparation for eternity, never to be the same again.

Your ideas will seem like nothing in my presence, your attempts will be considered worthless and futile by compassion, for I by my Spirit will demonstrate my true, uncompromising and convincing power for all men to see. The fake and the ideal will be exposed, the wisdom of man will be confounded and the voices of those who you have listened to will fade away as the sound of my voice penetrates the air and light and darkness will be separated even amongst the elect.

NOW, in preparation, search your own hearts, make sure that there is no self preservation and that your lives be totally abandoned to my purpose in you. For all mankind shall see the glory of God manifest in the glorious church. The world will know that I am truly among you and I shall draw their hearts to me. Declares the Lord 


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