Launching pad

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, January 9, 2014
This morning I got to prophecy and decree the Word of God over the area we are currently in (North West Arkansas). God said this will become a place, a launch pad as it were, where the fullness of God will be demonstrated to the nation. A strategic spiritual area, an area where the glory of God will be made known. 

There will be a bringing together of the sons and heirs of God and the Spirit of God will cause unity to rise up in their hearts. Many leaders will be raised up from this place and cause the nation to see Jesus high and lifted up. Through the words they speak, lives will be transformed and impacted in such a revolutionary way,  people will be astounded and this event will be spoken of for decades to come.

The Lord showed me that a spiritual launching pad is in the process of preparation and soon the launch shall soon be announced and many will witness this Truth, revealed. I saw people working feverishly with a common goal, praying in the spirit, preparing for the appointed time.

I spoke, declared and proclaimed this word into the atmosphere and saw a cloud of glory being formed as I spoke, the clouds forming and becoming heavier with every spoken word and the rain of the Spirit falling upon every person in this area, saturating the hearts of every believer, causing unity to manifest in ways we never thought would be possible. 


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