Let my people go...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, August 19, 2010

After spending many years in the desert, Moses was sent back to Egypt with one purpose in mind, and this was to honor God. His instruction was to secure the release of the people of Israel and to lead them into the promise (Ex 3:7-10). The Lord had seen the misery that His people were experiencing and heard their cries for deliverance.


Ex 5:1 Moses, standing with Aaron in front of Pharaoh petitions the Egyptian leader, "This is what the Lord God of Israel, says: 'Let My people go'"... And as you do a study of the Word, you will see how the rest of the story plays out. The fact was, God's people were not free to worship Him and they had become slaves in a foreign land, and this was not the Fathers plan for them. So, he sent His servant Moses to deliver His people out of bondage.


For generations, the church (the people of God) have found themselves in a similar situation. Once again God's people have become slaves to a system that has kept them in bondage and hindered them from worshiping Him in spirit and in truth. The church finds herself back in Egypt (Religion), bound by the rules (Laws) of man, and enslaved to pagan rituals and traditions within a system that has come to learn to honor the establishment and everything it represents (Idolatry) rather than bow down in worship to the One True Living God.  


Man has through the years tried to impose the law of flesh on the church and has succeeded in getting the people to believe their teachings and 2000 years later we find modern man, bound by the lies and doctrines of men. The deception has been so good that even many of the church leadership across the globe today consider their teachings to be truth, and the sheep continue to follow. 


By writing this piece today, I am merely pointing out a fact and this is, we do not have to continue living in this way, for Jesus Christ has already set His CHURCH free from the law of sin and death and slavery and all we are called to do is worship Him. The first thing Israel did when they came to Mt Sinai, was to prepare themselves to worship their deliverer (Ex 19). God's plan for mankind has already played out 2000 years ago and our redemption was secured on the cross of Calvary. The law was nailed to the cross and those who accepted this redemptive power are no longer bound by sin and are free to worship the King!


The plan God put in motion, was not an easy one, yet His Son, willingly paid the ultimate price in order that those who would accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives and confess their sin, would be free to worship Him. Today the message of freedom and liberty in Christ still stands, and the prophetic call to the Church and its leadership is this, "Let My people Go"...   God is calling His Bride to order in preparation of the imminent return of the Son of God and it is for this reason that messages like grace and others are being released into this time so that God's people can come to understand they are no longer bound, they are no longer imprisoned, for they have already been set free by the Blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah!


I am not going to preach on grace, although, every true minister of the Gospel of Christ should be preaching this message as part of their understanding of their own true calling, but my instruction is to make a prophetic call, "Let, My people Go"...


And by this, the Lord is saying, "I have paid the price to set the captive free and my people have become slaves to the mere words, teachings and interpretation of man, and by doing so, they have become enslaved to a system that continues to keep them bound up. It is time to let My people go so that they can worship their God and My people cannot do so if their leaders do not share the TRUTH and convey the finished and completed work of the Cross in such a manner that they will accept their freedom. If you do not do as I have instructed, I shall shake the very foundation of your believe system and I will bring your structures down and make a public humiliation of your teachings and do so until you honor My word. I have already paid the price and continue to prepare My Bride for the return of My Son. Therefore, you are called to surrender to My will, surrender to the freedom of the cross and teach My people to worship Me".


Church, this is the time to celebrate the freedom that Jesus has already established for us. Now is the time to rise up and worship Him. This is the day, the day of freedom and liberty, this is the day of the Lord! Come let us worship Him, let us bow before the Lord of hosts we gratitude. Let us sing songs of love, giving thanks for ALL that He has done...    


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