Look to Jesus now and live...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, July 14, 2011
Rick Warren said, "When you expect anyone to meet needs in your life that only God can meet, you set yourself up for huge disappointment". 

Funny how easy it can be to take your eyes off Jesus and place it on the arm of flesh. I have truly made this mistake so many times in the past and probably made some enemies along the way because of it. Being open about it, is not something one would expect you to do, but it is absolutely important that we discuss it. My friend, I have learnt that when depending on man, you will be disappointed, sooner or later, the very ones you trust will be the ones that will eventually disappoint you. BUT, when you look to Jesus, somehow things change and the grace that He shows in every area of our lives, is something far beyond our normal intellect. 

I therefore, want to encourage you this day to look to Jesus and live. Allow God to guide you and bring you to the place of knowing His truth and in so doing, your experience of life as we know it will be completely turned up-side-down and right-way- up all at the same time as His goodness flows towards you.


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