Merciful Father

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Sunday, June 27, 2010
The mercy of God is an eternal attribute and represents everything He is. Spending time in His presence has lead me to understand that even in our weakness, the Father's mercy raises the standard of holiness in our hearts. Today, there a mercy river flowing from heaven because of the grace that was extended to us, the unloved. The Blood of the Lamb that flowed from Calvary became the gate way to repentance, to receiving and obtaining mercy direct from the Throne of grace. An envelop of love and kindness all rolled into One and extended towards those who were called by His name.

There are many things in the Church today that has in my opinion exceeded its boundaries in many instances, but the mercy we once received, continues to flow as an endless source of life, changing the hearts of those who partake of its sustaining power. We do not need another teaching, but what we do need is desperate hearts of praise directed towards the mercy seat.

Today, is the day of salvation a day to receive mercy and grace, a day to reach out and accept the love that abounds towards us. Let us return to the Lord, let us run back into His arms, let us become an extension of His goodness so that all men will know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Receive this mercy today, it is freely given to you, without any condition, everyone is entitled to receive it. Its yours today. Romans 9:15 (Whole Chapter) For God said to Moses,“I will show mercy to anyone I choose,and I will show compassion to anyone I choose.” [ Exodus 33:19.]


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