Moving forward

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, January 10, 2011
This morning I sensed the glorious presence of Jesus around me as I spent time reading the book of Acts. How awesome it must have been to witness the power of the the Holy Spirit in the way the disciples and Apostles did. When the Holy Spirit came on them, the Bible says, the council members were amazed, because these were "ordinary men". And it is these ordinary men and women that God is raising up in this day to be instrumental in telling the world about Jesus Christ, the risen Lord. As we move forward, I am convinced that we are going to see many people come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the days that are ahead as the Spirit of God quickens the hearts of ordinary men and women.

These are going to be great times of resistance to the word of God, but also to the fullness of the manifestation of Truth revealed in this dispensation. Many stand back and think they are not worthy or capable of being used of God, but I am here to tell you this day, all the Lord is looking for is obedient and willing hearts. And it is with these ordinary people that we will see the unusual happen.

If you feel the Lord has placed a desire in your heart to be used by Him, then I encourage you this day to step out in faith and not to hold back and to allow the Holy Spirit to fill you with His power, so that when you go, great signs and wonders will follow you and many will give the lives to Christ in you. I have come to the conclusion, it has nothing to do with our abilities, gifts and or talents, but rather everything to do with Him. Therefore, our willingness to be used in this way, by merely submitting to His will, we are bound to see the glory, the goodness and the grace of God touch the lives of people around us.

Today, we are encouraged to step out in faith and be the instrument in His hands. it is time to move forward and not to hold back any longer, today is the appointed time. If you are called, the is it time to step out. And remember, great signs and wonders will follow those who are led by the Holy Spirit. 

Let your FIRE fall Jesus as your kingdom is expanded on this earth. 


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