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Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, September 3, 2010

As the church is locked into a time that we cannot control, many Christians, just like the world, is being subjected to all sorts of problems, and whether these are on a physical, mental or financial level, the stress in the home and or the workplace drives people to react in different ways. However, we need to know as long as we are part of this age, these things will happen simply because it is called "Life". I can testify to this fact in the same way as those of you who are reading this right now can, but the way in which we deal with these issues, will determine where our hearts are.


I have noticed that there seems to be a whole lot of preaching going on that is designed to make the congregation feel good about themselves and in reality, I suppose, if you think about it, there is ostensibly nothing wrong with the teaching as it does seem to have a reasonable result. But the problem is, feeling good about ourselves does not necessary change our circumstances. I can remember a time when I was invited to a conference whilst I was still working for an Insurance company. The had a motivational speaker there that made us all laugh and feel so good about ourselves to the point that we just wanted to run out of the building and find somebody to sell to. Twenty seven years later, I can still remember some of the things he said and how funny it was... but in the end, I found three days after we all got back into our offices, reality set in and the speakers words soon began to fade in the distance as our problems looked exactly the same as they did when we left.


The modern day preacher has joined and or ventured into this market in a big way and some of these guys have become real good at what they do. I mean when you sit and listen to the way they present the gospel and introduce scripture into the equation, which in turn paints such an awesome picture, you cannot but help yourself, but to grab on to this stuff as the "appropriate" message fits in with what you are going through and touches the heart and everyone feels good about themselves. Nevertheless, when they get home, or back into their places of work, reality sets in. Some of them try to implement the teaching they received on Sunday, buy the CD or DVD and get the books, but in the end, life still continues and nothing they have learnt makes any difference to their circumstances.


Now some might ask what is wrong with doing this? They argue that the church must feel good about itself so that it can lead by example, but my friends, show me where this is in fact happening, just because you are in a feel good environment does not mean that your problems are going to go away. All it does is make you feel better despite your situation. And again, there are those who will say, what is wrong with that? Nothing i suppose if that is all you want!  


There is a far better way! People need to be taught the truth about Jesus and the finished work of the Cross so that they can walk in the true freedom only Christ can give, for HE is freedom!


  1. I deal with countless number of people who remain in these "Make me feel good about myself" institutions and do not have a clue about what Jesus actually did for them more than 2000 years ago. They are so bound up by the past legalistic teachings that they cannot see past the law and think that they still have to do something more before our heavenly Father would accepted them. This however is the BIGGEST LIE OF THE 21 CENTURY and the enemy has managed to keep the people of God bound by the rules and regulations, the religious system and traditional thinking of the establishment. so much so that they cannot see themselves Christ sees them. Yes, the types of hyped up messages we have all heard, does stir them up, but in the end, the result is, the church is still in bondage. I am not a "grace" preacher, whatever that means, but, I do know that I have been set free, saved and delivered from the my sinful past, and now remain free to worship my Father. All this because of the righteousness of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Once people understand their true position in Christ, nothing will stop them from becoming true people of destiny.
  2. Once people understand the finished and completed work of the Cross and all that has been accomplished for and on their behalf, facing adversity, no longer is an issue, simply because they now learn to practice the presence of Jesus and access the secrets of His heart through the grace, love and peace that only He can give. Their focus is no longer on their problems because they have a living relationship with Jesus and now walk in His ways.


See friend, when you and I see this, we find it is no longer is about us, our feelings and or our circumstances, it is and will always remain about Jesus. Even in the midst of the worst situation, we find comfort in the fact that we are hidden in Him and when we understand this, no weapon forms against us can or will prosper because we are hidden in Him! Our focus is no longer on our problems, because our burdens have been cast on Him (Our sadness, our pain, our loneliness, our financial burden and emotional stress) all placed on His shoulders. We no longer have any ownership...


When we get to this point, we find God has a higher and better way for us and it hurts Him to see us struggling just to get ahead in life and to see how we have been kept in bondage. But the better way is found in our worship and it becomes a lifestyle. Worship becomes an integral part of who we are. (Worship is to honor, obey, respect, love. Worship is NOT signing, worship is what we are (Worshipers)).


My point is this, if we were to point people to Jesus and the finished work of the Cross, we would see a whole lot of worshipers rise up and take their rightful place in the church and would see a whole lot of mature Christians raised up, seeing themselves as already been overcomer's of the world. Right now, we see people still trying to survive and fight, when all they have to do, once they understand their position in Christ and see themselves and victorious, is to raise the victor Standard, the victory Banner of the King! 


We have complicated the gospel and continue to cause people to look to themselves, when all along it has been about Jesus and what he has done for us.


Freedom and liberty to those who accept their position in Christ Jesus comes when they acknowledge Him..


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