Prepare your hearts to crossover into 2020

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, November 15, 2019
I believe the year 2020 to be a pivotal calendar year... Some 20 years ago, the Lord had me prophesy, "The Revolution of the Kingdom of God has begun", revolution in this context, to bring all things back to God's intended purpose.

A few days ago, Holy Spirit began speaking about the judgement of God that will come upon the church.

The judgement of God, speaks of realignment, of completing the cycle, of returning to the original. Some consider judgement as destruction, but God in His infinite wisdom and mercy in this time is granting an opportunity for the Ekklesia to abandon its self-imposed religious ideologies and to surrender unconditionally to the will and purpose of God on earth as it is I heaven.

At and up to this point in time, heaven has continued preparing the hearts of true believers across the world for what lies ahead and 2020 is the conclusion of the period of preparation. The number 2000 means: crossing the Jordan. The number also symbolizes the boundary of the Promise Land (Num 35:1-5). 2020 the year of redemption and the conclusion of a period of preparing to cross over, the cycle now soon to be completed.

Holly Watson of Costa Mesa, CA writes, "According to Strong's dictionary 2020 is "epiphosko", which means "to let shine", to dawn, or to grow light" and Epiphosko is linked scripturally to Matthew 28:1 where Mary Magdalene and the "other Mary" visited the tomb of Jesus after His resurrection. (See Kingdom Revelations -

The True Living God will consume the man-made structures (a religious ideology conceptualized in the mind of mankind), and His ancient and established throne will be made known on this earth for all of mankind to see. An event so cataclysmic, it will change everything we have become so accustomed to. It will no be "longer business as usual".

"In this time of judgement", declares the Lord, "I will begin in the house of the Lord. There is a perception amongst your spiritual leaders that I am satisfied with what they have accomplished, but their high towers only exalt themselves against the knowledge of the God the say they serve. These are those who have built majestic castles in My name, yet, I do not recognize the works of their hands and reject their efforts with contempt.

My judgement will soon fall upon the church as you have known it. I am about to correct the wrongs which have been performed in my name and expose them for what they have become. These have started out in righteousness, but have been caught in the web of their own deception. I am about to destroy their high places, and remove their idols from their sanctuaries and bring down the false image that they have set up in my name!

Warn those I send you to, instructing them to turn aside from their self-serving interests and to bow themselves before the living God and ask for My mercy. In doing so, I will relent, but to those who refuse to bow their hearts and humble themselves in my presence, they shall see the wrath of God, my judgement come upon them and the land they inhabit and I shall remove their self- imposed kingdoms and utterly destroy their strongholds, then My people shall know that I AM God!"

(Also See 2 Chron 29, 30 and 31)


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