PROPHECY revisited - 17 Jan 2019

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, August 10, 2021
I saw in a vision, in the eastern night sky, an illumination, a rising light crushing the darkness. Streams of light slowly penetrating and piercing the veil of darkness, which has been hiding that which has been obscured for some time. A bright and favorable light exposing and revealing the unseen, the hidden secrets acted out behind closed doors. 

At the same time, I saw creatures scurrying away, trying to run from been exposed to the revealing light. The light was likened to an advancing ferocious and feared army. The light never needed permission to advance, it never needed permission from the darkness to invade and overtake, it simply moved forward... and the Spirit of the Lord began to reveal and give interpretation... 

Behind the night (darkness) men have plotted against the Body Christ in South Africa. There has been talk in corridors, behind closed doors to seek ways do stop the advancement of the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of God. Yet and nevertheless, even that which was plotted in secrecy was not hidden from God. He knew before time these voices of dissension would rear their ugly heads and seek to stop the advancement of the Church in South Africa and beyond. However, our heavenly Father has not granted permission and therefore will expose their evil plotting. 

The attempt to halt and hinder the formidable advancement of the Kingdom of God remains a futile attempt and soon the enemies plans would be exposed. On their councils, men, even from within the Church have plotted against Me, they have succumb to the deceptive voices around them, even to the point of believing they hear the voice of God. But this is not the case. They have been elevated to positions granted by men, they have in many instances bought their way in. Subtitle methods of deception are being used to entrench and enslave and because of their willingness to be part of the plan, they unwittingly and some knowingly participated and became part of the enemies plan to remodel and reshape the Church, manipulating it to thinking that it is doing the will of God, but God never sanctioned their efforts.

Now the time has come for all to see those things that were hidden and done in secret. Their power has grown and their influence has deceived many into believing they speak for and are representatives of light, but never were.

Now, I will reveal the plot against you. Many shall be removed from the positions they now hold. The grip they have had will be loosened and My people will be set free to worship in My presence. 

Politians have become part of the dangerous "game" these men play, they speak as if they are my representatives, as if they have heard from Me, but I have not spoken! Their words are encompassed by deceit and their lips are deformed by deception, yet even the elect have fallen prey to their words, this because their self-serving agenda led them down a path of fault.

Now, the light of God will destroy their dark plans. I shall remove them, even as they scurry, I will take away their hiding places and give them no way of escape. The riches of many shall be taken away, they shall be stripped and naked they shall be paraded for all to see their shame. I shall lift their skirts to shame them and they shall find no place to rest.

Politians shall be removed from their self-made platforms and the intention of their hearts will be revealed for all to see. Ancestral worship, the worship of demons has shaped their minds and have caused darkness to rise up deep from within them. Their reprobate minds are controlled by darkness and the Devil is their father. 

Now the prayers of the righteous, which I have heard, shall cause the walls of the Kingdom of God to be rebuilt in the land. The time to rebuild, even in the face of adversity has come and now is. As the Light rises over this dark continent, My glory shall be established, and My name shall be praised. From every roof top, from every high place, to the lowest valley, My name shall be praised. And from this place the Light of the Kingdom of God shall be revealed and made known for all to see.

When I asked what the walls represented, I saw clusters (bricks) forming, clusters of families, clusters of business people, clusters of church groups and clusters of communities forming. 

I saw individual families bowing in their homes, praying as one, seeking the heart of God. I saw different people gathering together praising God from an elevated position of authority granted to them from on high. 

I saw business men and women seeking the heart of God, repenting for their self seeking agenda, for holding back and for their own attempts to preserving themselves, yet neglecting the calling of God, now being raised up as kings, pillars of support in our Fathers Kingdom. 

I saw church groups rallying together, a common purpose a common vision, bringing forth a new sound, a gathering of people surrendered to the revolution of the Kingdom of God.

I saw communities seeking God. From every city, town and district, gathering together in pursuit of glory...

The true Apostolic and Prophetic foundation being restored
The Chief Corner Stone been worshipped 
The prayer of the righteous established
The faithfulness of God been revealed, demonstrated and God Himself been worshipped as the Kingdom of Light advanced across our nation, and the continent of Africa.


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