So you think you have a good thing going...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, June 28, 2010
I was in another country ministering in a number of different venues and one of the pastors asked me if I would go through with him to meet another pastor, which I agreed to do. When we arrived in the hotel foyer where we were to meet, everything went down perfectly, until I began to share my heart with him.

Before I did, the pastor told me about his 500 strong congregation and how happy he was as the pastor of the congregation. He has been doing it this way for many years and it worked for him. However, I sensed as I have with many others in his position, he was comfortable where he was and did not feel the need to change anything.

Once he was finished, I began to tell him a little about myself and how the Lord has permitted me to travel to so many nations and as yet, I said, I have not seen a working model of the vision I have carried in my heart for so many years.

I told him there was a unexplainable hunger in my heart to see the demonstration of Christ's love manifest in His Church and that there was an even stronger desire to see the manifestation of the Father's glory, not only in the building on a Sunday morning, but in our cities, our towns, our schools, our communities and in our homes, the likes of which, we have as yet not seen. I continued to tell him that I believe there will come a time when there will not be a building large enough to house a move of God across the nations and that I feel the time has come for the Church to stop with is social program and begin to seek God in all earnest.

There must be a cry in the hearts of God's people for a lasting demonstration of the fullness of Christ, which will manifest in the hearts of true believers, one that will cause the lost in this time to turn to Christ. There is a restlessness in the hearts of many who no longer sit in a building on Sunday who I have come across and listened to, that cry out God have mercy on us. Thousands upon thousands who are tired of the religious process played out meeting after meeting, who want to see the Truth made known amongst the nations.

I continued to say, all the teachings in the Church, both past a present, all the programs and all the methods we we continue to use, will remain ineffective as long as we keep the people going through the religious actions they have become so accustomed to and Timothy warned us of such things. (Read how the Message Bible puts it) 2 Timothy 3:5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that! (NLT)

Now before we run ahead of ourselves, there are awesome things happening in many spirit-filled congregations around the world, but even in these places, we have allowed ourselves to be caught up in our agenda's methods and plans and think that this will change the world.

Nevertheless, with all this in place, the world's perception of the Church remains the same and they have lost all confidence in our ability. There is an institution they recognize, but it is not the TRUE CHURCH that they seek out. We are the light of the world and we need something radical to happen if we are going to convince them otherwise. Now I know that all our efforts will be in vain if we are not led by the Holy Spirit, but this is exactly where the problem lies. Thank God for those who come to salvation, but there is more that needs to be done and if the present model is anything to go by, then I am afraid that this is not going to work.

I asked the pastor, when last has a sinner walked into a Sunday service and came to the pulpit repenting of his sins and turning to Christ because something drew him to that place. And his answer was exactly what I had anticipated, NEVER! I went a step further and asked when last people in the congregation began to feel compelled to repent of their religious actions and turn back to the Lord. This DOES NOT happen, came the reply. What about fathers repenting to their children for not being an example of Christ in the home or wives repenting to the husbands for not being the women God called her to be. What about rebellious children repenting for their actions and turning back to the Lord, does this happen in your congregation, NO came the answer. And by this time I could see that he was no longer happy sitting in the meeting and became quiet agitated. But the truth is my friends, we want the world to change but our own homes are a mess. Our leaders want to be spiritual fathers, but their own children's lives are completely out of order. No wonder the Church is in a mess and we want to be critical about the message of change the prophets bring!

My friend, I said in conclusion, I tell you the following not to boast about myself, for I have nothing to boast about, but I was in a meeting in a city when a young Indian man came into the building and ran to the alter and cried out to the Lord for salvation without anyone even asking him to do so. I can remember that we were holding a number of meetings and the presence of God hung like a cloud in the building, people were on their knees before the Lord when this young man came in. After the service, he came to me and said he was driving through the town on his way north, when the next minute he felt compelled to turn off the main road and when he found himself again, he was on his knees weeping in the building. Hallelujah, this is what I want to see. I want to see our buildings become places of worship, where salvation beckons the lost through open doors. I want to see God move like this in the pubs, the highways and the by-ways. I want to see prostitutes and drug addicts set free by the power of His word without all the tricks and all the gimmicks we have come up with that have really not made much difference in the lives of those living around us.I said to the pastor, we need our neighbors to know that we stand for righteousness.

So, we can no longer be happy with the status-quo and those who desire to see Jesus High and Lifted Up, should join the revolution and make a bold statement and say up-to-here and no further. Join hands with countless around the world, men and women who are so desperate to see Jesus glorified that they are willing to give up and lay everything down in order that He may be glorified in and through their lives. These are those who have broken out of the religious mold and have set aside every agenda of man in order that Christ's grace would manifest through their lives and touch the hearts of those who remain in darkness.

My declaration therefore remains to see Jesus glorified and not man. I am opposed to every institution that man has set up, which exalts the flesh and not the TRUTH. I will not bow down and conform to the idolatry that has entrenched itself in the hearts of man and as Daniel denied the authority of the king in his worship of the KING, so to do we deny the authority of self-imposed kingdoms which have been set up in the name of our God. I will continue to rebel against the kingdom of this age and seek the fullness of the godhead without fear of what man thinks. I choose to associate with like-minded people, for in the end, it remains all about JESUS and nothing else matters.

I do not know about you my friend, this is not a popular message, but then who wants to be popular? Those who are popular have already received their rewards, but those who will lay their lives down and worship Him only, they will receive their reward in heaven.

The pastor left that meeting deciding this was too much for him, his argument was he would lose his people if he preached this message and like so many others today, they continue as they were... For many years now, I have observed nothing has changed in the Church as we know it, however, I want it placed on record and declare by the Spirit of God, there is a day coming, when the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord will visit the earth and we will see a move of God that will shake the very foundations of mans theology and our leaders will be forced to change their methods, because God is on the move.


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