Speaking to your heart

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, June 30, 2012
God has been speaking to us about the ministry He has called us to and we are so excited about the plans of God manifest in our hearts and lives in ways we could not have asked or imagined. Even though we might not understand the extend of these plans, we know that we are seeing, even as you read this, a complete and total turn around taking place in our lives and the ministry He has called us to. For so many years, we by faith, held on to the purpose of God, believing that somehow, somewhere, we would see the very things He placed on our hearts manifest in ways we could not even have asked for.

We are trusting the Lord for breakthrough in our own nation, one that will see the Spirit of God turn hearts to Christ. Andi and I have a passion to see Jesus glorified and together we are believing that God has raised us up for a time such as this and look forward with great expectation to all that He will accomplish, not only in us, 

Together we are convinced that our beloved country, South Africa is on the brink of a mighty move of God, a revolution that will cause this nation to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord. The Church is going to experience a rumbling in the spirit, one that will cause a tremendous spiritual earth quake, which will shatter every doctrine that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. This will be a time of great turmoil and upheaval as beliefs systems will be pushed aside, shattered and in some instances even destroyed, as the presence of God manifests in our midst.

This is not a time to sit back, but to press in and to seek the Lord with all our heart. This is a time for true conviction to cause people to return to the Lord, to bow in His presence and to worship Him only. This is not a time to chase after self or to run or follow things that are of no importance or value to the Kingdom of God. This is a time to seek Him and to worship His majesty and to do so until we are immersed in His glory.

This is the time of great warfare and the revolution of the Kingdom of God will cause the hearts of many to turn away from their wickedness. There will be those who will be exposed as agents of darkness and the light of God's glory will be demonstrated in such a radical way, that again, many will be taken by surprise as the goodness of God is revealed. This is a time for prayer, fasting and waiting on the Lord. This is a time to press into His presence and to be captured by His kindness and to be saturated with the healing power of the God we serve. Hearts will be turned back to God. Families will be restored, fathers will turn back towards their sons and people will experience breakthrough in many different areas of their lives.

Woe to those who would resist the power of God, they shall be swept aside as the Kingdom of God is established in the hearts of His people. Those who would try to stand in the way of this move of God will be overtaken by the goodness of God. They shall be healed and restored and brought back into the "fold". Many who have fallen will once again be raised up and they shall gather as one before the glory of the Lord is demonstrated in their midst. The undeniable power of God will cause hearts to turn to Him as many experience His goodness, for in this time, His word will cause a remnant, a people to arise, a people who will bring honor and glory to His holy name. So we are encouraged to prepare our hearts for the glory that is to come for this is something we have heard about but yet to see or experience in our time. It will be something that no man thought would be possible and would take on a form that will bring glory of the One True Living God!




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