Stop and listen.

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Sunday, September 26, 2010
Stop looking at your faults, your mistakes and errors and look to Jesus! I found in the past, every time I wanted an answer from the Lord for something that I needed, I would look at my faults and "repent" first, thinking that if I did this, it would qualify my request before the Lord. But my friend, I have learnt that it never worked because I was hoping that my effort would be the key that would release God's favor toward me. Thank God He would look beyond my faults and saw the finished work of the cross.

Most often, we get ourselves into situations that cause us the most harm and we find ourselves so caught up in these situations that we take our eyes off of Jesus and only see our problems. The problem with this is that we become so consumed by our problems that we lose sight of His glory and His grace. So how do we fix this?

The key is not to deny the dire situation you find yourself in, but to acknowledge that you have messed up and "repent", which means "To change your mind" and move into the realm of success that only comes when we begin to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. When we get to this point in our lives, we will begin to see God add measure upon measure of His divine favor on our lives to the degree that we will see His manifest presence cause us to prosper beyond any expectation we ever had.

In the past we continued to see our problem in front of us and not see His favor. Our focus was on the wrong place. We tried to do everything in our power to resolve the issues at hand, but until we can get to the place of understanding that we have a big brother, Jesus Christ, who has already accomplished everything for and on our behalf on the Cross of Calvary, we will never get past ourselves.  

I am not just writing this down because I think it is a good idea, I believe that the Lord is speaking to everyone of us so that He can show His faithfulness to those who would believe. I see people in a similar situation as an animal that has fallen into a muddy pool, trying to get out it. As it continues to struggle it becomes increasingly weakened in the process, as every effort it makes to get out of the situation, just constantly drains every ounce of energy and in the end, if it is not rescued, they simply give up and perish. This is what happens when we fall into the trap the enemy sets before us. We struggle to survive and continue to fight, yet we cannot break free, and all this because our focus is on our circumstances and not on Christ.

The same can be said about someone who is drowning. When you find yourself in this situation, you are in survival mode and all reason goes out the window because all you want is to live. When your rescuer comes, in order for your rescue to come to a successful conclusion, the lifesaver needs you to place your trust in him and surrender yourself, your life into their hands. Only at this point will the rescue be a success. Jesus is our rescuer, He has already paid the price, but we need to surrender, if we want to see a successful conclusion to the predicament we find ourselves in.   

Today, I want to encourage you to stop and listen, take your eyes off of your situation and focus your attention on Jesus. For it is in Christ that we truly conquer and overcome every situation we are faced with. Expect God to turn your situation around and believe that He is able and surrender unconditionally to His purpose your life. 


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