Take a step of faith... Darren Smith

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, March 7, 2011

Luke 22:37

Isaiah 53:12


Jesus, while walking on this earth, was considered an outlaw.  He was the ultimate outsider, the one that just didn't fit in and challenged the status quo just by being Jesus. I believe that if we are His, the same should reflect in our life.  We should challenge the nations and cultural mindsets in this world by simply being who we are in Christ. The problem is today that the church fits in just fine and as a matter of fact searches for ways to fit in better. Just look at all the new programs the modern church has created to be more seeker sensitive. The new buildings are built like malls with coffee houses and stores designed to draw people into the buildings. The teaching is designed to fit modern mindsets as well to make the listener comfortable and desiring to return for more. But the sad fact is, very little is done here to bring people to Christ or to challenge them to go deeper, only to keep them coming for more of the program.


While these establishments flourish and grow larger and more worldly, the cities they are in go to hell unabated by the church. Why is this so you ask?  Because of the lack of Christ centered teaching and the willingness to go against the grain.  Most are not willing to be numbered with the outlaws nor be an outsider but rather to go along to get along. I ask you, Is this the type of life modeled by Jesus? Absolutely not!  Jesus is the one who said if you are not willing to take up your cross you can’t be my disciple.  Jesus is also the one who said if you lose your life you will gain it.  He was never and still is never the one who tells us to play it safe and we will make it into His kingdom.  No, as a matter of fact, He is the one who tells us to forsake all for Him and we can become His disciple and His very message puts Him and all who truly follow Him on the outsiders list.


Consider this point, Jesus said that we cannot serve God and money right?  But the modern religion tells us that if we follow Him it’s a way to gain money. In fact religion is one of the most money-oriented establishments on earth. Would Jesus really approve of this, I think not. Would He go along with the pattern of the modern church or would He call it out as being selfish and halfhearted?  Would Jesus sit in the plush seeker sensitive churches and listen to humanistic teaching on how to find happiness sipping on a latte or would He be out in the highways and byways compelling them to enter in to His Kingdom?

Do you think Jesus would enjoy the “I’m ok your ok” mantra of religion? Let’s look at a short message from Jesus Himself found in Luke 13:3 No I tell you unless you repent you will all perish as well!!  And again in verse 5 unless you repent you will perish as well.  How many modern Christians are willing to tell people that unless they repent they will perish? The answer is not very many.  Very few are even brave enough to invite someone to church much less tell them they must repent. The sad truth is that if you are vocal at all about your faith you are a radical in today’s church. But if you are bold enough to start trying to live what Jesus taught such as forsaking all to follow Him you are just down right crazy according to modern church culture.


We are in such a sad state that simple evangelism is all but lost. Ask yourself this: when was the last time you were approached by someone wanting to share Christ with you in public? Things as simple as passing out tracts and offering to pray with people are all but lost to the modern church. You may find this hard to believe but last week at Mardi Gras as Dakota, my son was passing out tracts, people had never had someone offer them a tract. He had a big crowd gathered to hear the gospel because of a simple tract that asks the question:  What happens when you die? In the middle of Mardi Gras parades these young people wanted to hear about Jesus!  And yet most people think that nobody wants to hear. In fact, I know a lot of good brothers who are sincere in their faith that believe that they have to go out of the country to find people who will listen to the Gospel. But if that’s so how did Dakota have a crowd of young people wanting answers? It’s not that people will not listen to the Gospel it’s that we don’t have enough sold out believers willing to forsake all to take the message out and preach it as well as live it before them. We don’t need all the bells and whistles of the modern church, we just need the plain old Gospel, the one that calls out sin and demands that we are all in, the gospel that tells us that there is no other way to the Father but through Jesus and total surrender of self to Him.


I want to use Matt 13:44 as an example. If you are going to follow Jesus you have to be like the man in this parable he found a treasure in this field and he sold everything he had and bought that field. There is no other way to serve than to buy the field.  Again I say there is no other way to serve than to buy the field.  You are either all in or not in at all and all the false teaching that says otherwise will be judged!  I believe that we are already in the time that the Kingdom will be ushered in but for this to happen the kingdom of man must fall. This is playing out before our very eyes.  The dollar that we trust in is about to fall, the way of life that we have grown very accustomed to is about to go away, the plenty that has always been there is about to be gone and we will have to trust Jesus, but even with all the signs in place many still go about life as usual.  In fact, I can tell you that I’m truly excited that these things are taking place because it puts us closer to Christ and the manifestation of His Kingdom.  But I can tell you with a clear voice and heart that if you have not bought the field you will not stand.  We must commit our life totally to Jesus, and yes friends, this will have you counted with the outlaws you will be an outsider but what better company could you be in than Jesus?


Take that step of faith and buy the field!


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