The Christ-life is meaningful

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, December 29, 2010
When we pursue the kingdom of God and His righteousness, life becomes meaningful. When I look at the comments and listen to what people have to say, especially this time of the year, then it concerns me that I hear everything that is meaningless confessed but that which is eternal seemingly overlooked. The challenge that lies ahead of us is not what the future has in store, but rather how secure our faith is. Those who place their trust in the Lord have nothing to fear. For the fact of the matter is, they know that Jesus is in control and therefore are convinced that whatever happens, happens for their good. There is nothing more to it than this. You see the Word of God tells us very clearly to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, for in doing so, everything our heavenly Father desires for us, we receive through the grace given to us by His Son, Jesus Christ. Everything that Jesus represents, we are, because of the one, unselfish act of love, which manifest for and on our behalf over 2000 years ago.

On our own, everything we do is meaningless, but in Christ, life takes on a complete new meaning, because it is no longer we that live, but Christ in us, which gave us this hope for the future. So, my friend, by accepting the complete and finished work of the Cross in our lives takes on a complete and different meaning, when we understand who and what we have become in and through Jesus Christ. 

2011 will just be another year for those who plan for themselves, but true worshipers know they have already received the fullness of the kingdom of God and all it has to offer and continue to live by faith, for this pleases their Father and brings glory and honor to His name. Therefore, we must live our lives completely surrendered to His grace and in so doing, we see the manifestation of Goodness revealed to and through those He calls His own.


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