The confession of my mouth

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, December 9, 2010
Many people speak things over themselves without thinking twice about it. I am sure that you have heard this said a few times before, but we still tend to do the same thing over and over again. We have become a society of "telling it like it is" and accept this as normal. I do not believe we must live in denial either and agree that if I am not feeling well for example, that I can be honest enough to say so, but we do not leave it at that either, we continue to share our faith despite our circumstances. 

A couple of year ago, I met a lady who was in a wheel chair and her sons had asked everyone they knew to please come and pray for her, as they believed the Lord would raise her out of that chair. Of-course, I prayed with them as I knew from experience that God was more than able to heal her. She died in her wheel chair a few months later, but something that was so profound, which I will never forget, was her attitude towards her circumstances. The last thing she said to me when I saw her for the last time was, "Mark, even if God does not heal me or raise me out of my infirmity, I know that my redeemer lives". Her faith was not in God's ability to heal her, but in Him alone. In other words, she was convinced that Jesus loved her and even if she was not healed, that never made any difference to her, what mattered the most was, He loved her and that was all she needed. She was always so full of joy and every time I had seen her, there was an atmosphere of grace that drew you to the heart of the One she served.

I learnt then and there, that my circumstances had nothing to do with my relationship with Jesus and that His love for me had everything to do with the way my heavenly Father saw me. My friend, no matter what you are facing today, hold on to this truth, He cares about you and this is all that should matter to us. Some of us want to make it about our circumstances, but your circumstances has nothing to do with the fact that Jesus loves us enough to die a gruesome death, declaring "It is finished", so that we know that Father and be reconciled with Him through this one act of love.

So, be encouraged, continue to confess that He loves you and remember that whatever He does, He does because of this love. Today, people have gone on to be with the Lord without receiving the very things they asked for and many left behind continued to ask the questions, but remember, as much as it pains us, we do not always have the answers, but by faith, we call the promise of His love to mind and hold on to this truth, for we know our God reigns and His love for us is eternal. If we can get to this place of accepting this fact, then, our focus will not be on our situation and or circumstances, but on His divine love and the abundance thereof.

My point is, confess that He is Lord over all things, confess that His love for you is true, confess that our God is able, but even if nothing changes with regards to our cirsumstances, we will continue to serve Him and bow down to Him only, for this is all that matters. 


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