The glory of the new covenant

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, August 20, 2011
The picture of Moses coming down from the mountain with the glory of God beaming from his face has always intrigued me. The awesomeness, of been able to come into the presence of God the way that he did, even if he was hidden in the cleft of the rock, continues to fill my mind with expectation. My friend, there is something about Jesus that I just cannot get enough of and the thought of God's glory manifesting in this way has always captivated my heart. Actually there was a time that I thought the glory was something that I had to strive for, I so desperately wanted to see and experience the same thing Moses did and kept this passion alive by reading the passage every so often. 

Then one day, the Spirit of God opened my eyes and shared His word with me. Paul wrote, "Should we not expect far greater glory under the new covenant, now that the Holy Spirit is giving life". I soon realized the glory of the old covenant was something that faded away, but the glory of the new covenant, was eternal and it was then that I realize, the glory that I was looking for, I already had. It finally hit me, the glory of the Lord, now dwells on the inside of those who are in right standing with God. When we spend time in the word, the Holy Spirit just illuminates word at the right time and after studying His word, I realized that everyone who has been saved, has already had the veil removed and the glory of God now dwells in them. 

Let me share the history of the phrase "Shekinah Glory". The Shekinah Glory began in the Old Testament when the priests would enter the Holy of Holies, the inner most part of the Tabernacle. It was there that God's glory "dwelt" or "rested," hence the phrase Shekinah Glory. The priests who entered the Holy of Holies had to have worked very hard to live a pristine life free from sin in order to survive entrance into this sacred part of the Tabernacle. Sin could not withstand God's glory or the Shekinah Glory, and if they entered with any form of impurity, they could die. In Ex 33 God told Moses that that His presence (Shekinah Glory) would rest with the Israelite's forever, but He told him that he (Moses) nor anyone else could look upon His face because it was too awesome to be withstood by humans. In the New Testament, Jesus explains in John 14:9 that He and His Father are one and who ever has seen Jesus has seen the Father, the Shekinah Glory. Because Jesus came to earth as a propitiation for sins and took that upon Himself, He freed humanity to encounter the Shekinah Glory of God without fear or judgment or penalty. 

Many times people feel they must pray hard and long or do penance in order to "feel" or "call forth" the resting of God's presence, i.e., His Shekinah Glory. But through salvation in Christ, we don't have to because the word of God has made it clear to us and we can now say with confidence, His presence now resides within us.





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