The great and awesome day of the Lord

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Wednesday, February 23, 2011
You are living in great times, for you can take comfort in knowing that I will soon return. There continues to be great turmoil across the nations, the intensity shall continue to gather momentum for as water is poured into a funnel, much of what you see will be a confirmation that all things are coming together into one single stream as the prophets of old prophesied. Nations shall rise up against one another in greater intensity and many shall fall in these times. Hardship and disease shall be rampant as the age you know nears its end.

But as for you, those who remain faithful, those who I have called, be encouraged for the coming of your King, the great day of the Lord is at hand. Be strong in these days, huddle together and encourage one another, be strong in the power of My name, for it is in these days that many shall grow weary and many shall grow fearful and ask where is the Lord, but you speak words of comfort over them and encourage them to worship Me for as they focus on My will, they shall see the glory of their God manifest in their midst, in ways they never thought would be possible.

Stand firm on My word and continue to pray in the Spirit, build each other up and speak words of comfort to those who have grown weary and edify those who worship Me with sound speech and doctrine. Follow the leading of My Spirit and the light of My word will continue to be a guide for you to follow.

Do not allow yourselves to become deceived by the words of man, for many have infiltrated your gatherings and have shed their deception amongst you, therefore, you must come closer so that you might hear My voice, for those who I have called, will know when I speak.

Do not be afraid, hold on to the Truth that I have placed within your hearts and you shall see the word come to pass before your very eyes. This is the day of the Lord, come and rejoice and be glad in it, for I AM with you declares the Lord of hosts.


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