The horizon is not what you anticipated

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Friday, June 25, 2021
You have set your sights on a man-made agenda and think that this will work out as you anticipated it would. Your horizon looks deceptively clear to you, yet and even now, you cannot see clear enough, your vision is blurred by your own plans, and even now I declare, these, your plans, shall not work out as you believed they would. 

You no longer consult with Me, for you have forsaken My purpose in you, and so now, even this day, I have handed you over to the Deceiver and you shall have the reward you have sought. In time, you shall find all your plans have come to nothing and your selfish agendas have dismally failed and disgraced you.

The pride of your hearts will be disgrace enough for all to see and the position and favor you once had amongst the nations, will soon prove to be your demise. Pride comes before the fall and in your case oh great nation, your fall has come. I will raise other nations up, nations that will come against you and will cause a great divide even amongst the inhabitants of the land.  

You shall see a great revolt and separation in your midst. Even families will rise up against one another and be separated. Your leaders will no longer lead as they have, for even now, I will create great confusion in their midst and so it shall be that a time is coming and now is when the Deceiver shall be revealed amongst you.

There shall be great shame and many shall run, but will not be able to find comfort for their souls because they have turned away from Me. Yet, even now, I say to you, if you would turn your hearts back to Me and you would repent for your wicked agenda and run back to Me, I will heal your land and restore you to the place of honor amongst the nations, but if you will not repent, then I will hand you over to your own plans to your own demise and your failure shall be the result of your stubborn pride.  

Repent and turn back to the Lord your God, come back in humility, turn your back against the horizon, turn away from the plans you had mapped out for yourselves and I will restore you as nation, a people after My own heart. 

See, even now, I am raising up a man after my own heart, not one you have expected, but a man who will come out of the South country and in Him you shall see My hand upon him and the nation shall be unified through the words that He will speak. Not as you wish, but according to all that I have done in Him. He shall be like a David, a true worshiper, one who has learnt to surrender to My own heart.

He shall not be the one you seek, but He shall be My servant and he shall prevail, for even now, many have been deceived into believing that the one they idolize shall be the one to lead them, but this is not to be. I am working all things according to My plan and not the agenda and plan and desire of the nation. Therefore, I call upon My people, those who are called by My name, the remnant, to gather and to seek My face and in doing so, you, My people, shall know My heart and follow the leading of My Spirit. You are encouraged to turn away from the agenda even you have set before you and call upon the name of the Lord your God and ask Me to reveal My heart to you.

Do not grow anxious, for I will never leave you, neither will I forsake you, even in the midst of a revolt, I am with you even to the end of time, trust in Me. Remain in My courts, stay in close proximity to Me, for it is here where you shall find comfort for your souls.  


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