The rain of My Spirit

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, January 29, 2015
As the rain saturates the earth, so to, in the days that are ahead, shall the rain of My Spirit saturate the hearts of the remnant, My chosen people. Those whom I have set aside for My glory. 

The remnant are My Isaac as it were, with whom I have established an everlasting covenant for My name sake (Gen 17:21). A generation who I have called to be My people, a royal priesthood, a holy generation, an acceptable offering in My sight. In this time, I shall demonstrate My glory and shall cause men to know that they are My people. These are the ones who I continue to shelter in the palm of My hand. A people, I have nutured, protected and provided for, for My name sake and they shall see the fullness of My word demonstrated in and through their lives.

There are many things that will change the world as you know it, for in the days that are ahead, an unprecendented rise of the enemy shall be demonstrated across the face of the earth, nations shall feel unsafe and many a leader shall not know what to make of it in this time. They shall try to put out fires on a globe scale, but they shall not succeed. Chaos shall reign in the hearts of many, but the remnant, they shall succeed in Me, for I have not permitted that any of them should be harmed.

Now shout from the rooftops, and from the valleys below, make straight the path, for the King of glory is coming. This is the hour of visitation declares the Lord, this is the hour of signs and wonders, miracles and also a time of deception, of brokenness and harm, nevertheless, you who are mine, shall know the truth, for it is the truth that has set you free. All that in required is that you would worship Me in spirit and in truth and My heart shall be revealed in the hearts and lives of those I call My own.


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