The season you have been waiting for...

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Thursday, December 6, 2018
'To the Ecclesia in South Africa, My beloved, I have watched over you and I have seen the struggles you have had to endure. I have seen the hardships, the pain and the suffering and I have even seen how you have turned your back on Me. You ask, how have we done so?, By doing that which you felt fit to do instead of obeying My word. I would have destroyed you as a nation, but for the faithful ones, even in My anger, I have relented.

Because of the prayers of My people, I choose not to reveal My anger, and have contained Myself, for I know My plans for you. The thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected and just end.

You have allowed your wayward approach to My Kingdom to cause confusion amongst you and have become divided in your opinions and think that all the while this pleases Me. Your self righteous attitude has brought you shame and placed you in a distressed position.

The time has come that you now heed the voice of My servants, your watchmen, for I have sent My prophets to the ends of the earth and you have chosen not to listen (Matt 10 and John 15:21-22). But now and because of My mercy, I charge you with this instruction, LISTEN to the VOICE of those I send to you, My prophets. Listen to all that I have commanded, for now, with ONE voice, they shall stand on the walls on the FOUR corners of the earth and blow the trumpets, ushering in a new season of liberty and grace. I AM the One who gives grace to overcome all things. 

So declare freedom over yourselves, freedom to speak, declare and prophesy My word into every situation that you are faced with. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, follow My way and I will lead you to live in the Truth.

Now is the time to prepare your hearts. Prepare and go through the gates, strengthen yourselves in the word of God, make straight the paths, remove the obstacles, make smooth the way, for the King of Glory shall soon enter into your cities, through the gates of preparedness. 

Now open your hearts and seek the Lord while I may still be found by you. Prayer fervently and seek to do My will. You are about to see change come in the nation. I have already prepared the hosts of heaven, and with all goodness, I shall demonstrate My word. In the midst of devastation, there you will be victorious. In the midst of the battle that wages around you, there you will raise the victory standard of heaven and of your God and then you shall declare victory in your midst. 

The wasteland, shall become the grassland", declares the Lord.


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