The time of visitation is here

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, May 31, 2016
I was ministering at Glory Fire Church this past weekend and while we were ministering before the Lord, in the spirit I had the following vision, one I would like to share with you.

I was standing with thousands of believers within a fortified city where the church was ministering to the Lord and from my vantage point, I could see the walls of the city in front of me and I could see the huge wooden gate which was the entrance to the city. Beyond that was a grassy sloped hill leading up towards the top of a ridge, about a mile away. On the top of the ridge, I saw billions upon billions of angels lining all along the edge and in the center, there seated on His horse, I saw the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the brilliance of His glory illuminating the sky.

The horsemen and their horses had an air of restrained excitement about them, waiting with great anticipation for the Commander of the Lord's armies to advance towards the city. The horse Jesus was on, a brilliant white glow, shining as if to reflect the glory of the One who sits on the throne. It had an animated excitement about it and on it was a golden saddle where Jesus was seated looking towards the fortress below.

Then the Spirit of the Lord had me prophesy as an instruction, "Run, open the door for the King of glory is about to enter in" and then went on to proclaim, "Prepare your hearts, shout for joy, for the great and mighty day of visitation is at hand".

Those who were inside the fortress, were overwhelmed and excited as they waited in anticipation for the promised visitation of the King. There was a lot of movement within the city as the Church continued to prepare herself for the imminent visitation. The heralds began to cry out holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty and great expectation consumed  their hearts as the sound of glory filled the air.

The wind began to roar and the earth began to rumble as violent earthquakes shattered the silence of the night sky. Volcanoes erupted and with loud thunderous applause and great bolts of lightening, the heavens began to give up praise to the glorious and magnificent One. 

This was the vision the Lord showed me and with this in mind, I wish to encourage you Church, to continue preparing your heart for an imminent visitation. I therefore speak, declare and prophesy "The great AWAKENING is at hand"... Open up your gates, for the King of glory shall soon enter in...


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