The walls of Babylon are coming down

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, February 13, 2017
The Lord began to speak to me about the heart of those who are against Him in the land and began to speak to me about the hostility across the nation and how this its people continue to resist the plan and purpose of God. In particular, I believe the Lord spoke to me about the coming destruction in the State of California and how this state will crumble in the sight of God's majesty unless it would repent and turn from its wickedness. God has placed His church in this state to bring healing to those who would turn from everything that is unrighteous and I saw how the Lord has positioned His leaders across the state, both watchmen and shepherds (Eze 33) who have been prepared by the Spirit of God to speak the word of truth to a dying people. 

I have also seen how many, even in the church, will resist the word of the Lord but in time, they will recognize His hand upon the land and we will see its restoration. From the north to the south, God is at work as I speak and He will continue to show His grace and mercy to all who would seek Him.

"I have placed My church in your midst and yet you have not recognized My good deeds amongst you. You have continued to look past the mercy I have shown towards you. You have and continue to allow the father of lies to deceive you and have surrendered your hearts to his plan in you. Your wayward thinking and your inability to rise above the truth serves only to prove that you lounge in your deceitful ways and do not see the goodness of God around you.

You have raised up idols for yourselves and worship foreign gods on the land that I have given to your forefathers and you continue to resist my ways and think that you are immune to the ways of the Lord. You have put yourselves and your talents to an unworthy and corrupt use and purpose for the sake of personal and financial gain and think that I do not see what you have become. Your shame lies with you and is laid bare for all to see, yet and because of your blindness you do not see what I see and you do not hear what I hear. You have become so accustomed to your lifestyle that you do not even realize that I have withdrawn Myself from you.

You have belittled My word and have derided My plan for you and you have taunted My righteousness, but know this, the day is coming and now is when My hand shall be withdrawn from you and I will hand you over to your indulgence and you shall see your own ways destroy the pathway you have carved for yourself.

There shall be great earth quakes and great natural disasters will overtake you. Fire will destroy your land and water shall consume you and there shall be great famine upon the land. No stone will  be left upturned. The nations will laugh at you and they will mock you, for I shall expose you and reveal your nakedness and that which was given to you shall now be taken away. I will make an example of you and your destruction shall be recorded for all to see and know your shame.

Those who have been placed on pedestals and idolized by man, shall now fall and come tumbling down. Those who think more of themselves than they should, those who think that they are above the law of heaven, your empires will come to nothing and your fortresses shall be penetrated and everything that you once held dear to yourselves will be taken from you.

I am indeed a merciful God and I say to you this day, if you abandon and turn from your wicked ways and if you will turn your hearts to me; then I will show mercy to all who would call on My name. Come now, declares the Lord God almighty, turn around, run from your wickedness and I shall show Myself to you. Yield yourselves to Me, run from your wickedness and return to Me and you will see that I am ready to receive you with open arms. Come now, surrender your hearts and I will relent and turn that which was meant for your destruction into a blessing".

I truly believe God has a mighty plan for the State of California and especially for Hollywood, but the time has come that this State and her people will surrender to the heart of God so that His glory would led her peoples into all that God has promised. I also felt Hosea 4:1-19 was very applicable to this prophetic warning and that a nation can be turned around if it would simply bow her heart to God...


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