There are greater times ahead

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Tuesday, December 6, 2011
No amount of tricks, gimmicks, jumping up and down, shouting louder or coming up with another plan is going to make any difference to the PLAN OUR GOD set in motion before the beginning of time as we know it! All you and I have to do this day my friends, is to BELIEVE, for the word of God tells us "The just shall live by faith. The years ahead are going to see the harvest come in and many new souls are going to come into the Kingdom. Many who have tried in vain to build their own kingdoms will seem to fall by the way side, but God said, no, I will remove them for a season and heal their hearts and restore them and they shall accomplish My purpose on this earth. Many men in ministry have been suffering and crying out to God, but they have not given up and because of their faithfulness, God is going to bring change to their circumstances. Mighty miracles will astound even those in the church, signs will follow the Truth, the likes of which we never thought was possible, for in this time, God Himself will visit the earth as in the days of old and there shall be a great rumbling and stirring, not only in the heavens, but on the earth and the glory that is Jesus will manifest in power in the hearts and lives of His precious, blood-washed people. The Spirit of the Sovereign God is moving across the waters, and we will see times of indisputable refreshing come upon the Body of Christ, an energizing if you will of the inner man, a time where men and women will bow their hearts in true worship to the One True Living God. This will be a time where ordinary will become extra-ordinary. A time when young men and women will be raised up to take the baton and preach the word with absolute conviction and power. This is a radical time, a time true change, a time where our Lord will receive all of the glory and all of the honor. The world will continue to darker times of calamity and destruction as the time comes to an end, but we will see the goodness of God manifest in the hearts of those He calls His own. So Church, prepare the way of the Lord (The way of the Lord is found in the hearts of man), prepare your hearts, for the revolution has begun!


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