There is something about Jesus

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Sunday, August 8, 2010
I am so aware of His awesome presence that I cannot help but be overwhelmed by the very thought. I confess that He is my sovereign Lord and Savior and that I am nothing without Him. To some this might sound a little off, but it can only be understood when you have had encounter with the Most High God. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the risen Lord and as we open our hearts to serving Him, something is released on the inside of man that draws you closer than one could ever begin to imagine. 

To be surrounded by His glory is something I continue to live for, because I know there is comfort, goodness, joy and peace in His presence and quiet frankly, when you have an intimate relationship with Christ, once you have tasted of this glory, you cannot go back. And who wants to go back? Back to Egypt, back to slavery? Now that I have been saved by His grace, there is nothing more important to me than pleasing the One who called me.

Our hearts desire should be one of total abandonment to His goodness, for this is our reasonable act of true worship. And worship that comes from the heart, is always directed to the One we love and if it is Jesus, then everything we do is done with one goal in mind, and that is to become a fragrant offering acceptable to Him. We do not sacrifice ourselves because of a law, but become a living sacrifice because of His grace. 

I encourage you this day to run after Him, to set aside every ambition and to seek Him with all your heart, for Jesus wants to be found by you, He wants you to know Him, and he wants you to walk in His grace. My friend, there is something about Jesus that words cannot describe, which will turn your life around. There is something about Jesus that stirs the heart of those who bow down and worship Him that causes kingdoms to tremble at the very thought of His greatness. Come, join with me as we seek to remain under the shadow of the Almighty God.


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