To the youth

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Monday, March 7, 2011
I AM raising up a young generation that will be filled with a renewed hunger for My presence and a people who will seek Me with all their hearts and not be filled with the knowledge of man, but be filled with the power of My Spirit. They shall run and not grow weary, they shall rise up above the challenges they are faced with and follow hard after My word. I am raising up a young generation a people who shall worship Me and not commit themselves to foreign gods. They shall seek the Truth and I will lead them into My will for their lives. 

The previous generations have missed the opportunity that I have given them, but I shall not be silent and I shall not relent, for even in the midst of adversity, I AM God and My word stands! 

Therefore, I challenge this new generation, My people, to rise up and stand on My word. The call remains a sound of revolution, a call that resounds with heavens resolve. The invitation is to come and sit in My presence and allow My word to break the chains of traditions that have hindered you from walking in the fullness of My plan.

The rocks shall cry out and praise Me and all creation will honor the Son of Man. And those who pursue Me, shall run with renewed energy and strength and they shall see the glory of their God manifest in their midst. This is the time for great salvation as many shall be drawn into My kingdom. 

The enemy will and continues to try everything to halt My plans, but you must know this, NOTHING shall stop My word from having its desired effect, and it is My desire that ALL men be saved.

Prepare your hearts for the times ahead are not going to be any easier, but when these times come upon you, I remind you to call this word to mind and declare, the Lord your God is for you and I shall take those who serve me and worship Me in spirit and in truth to the other side and all men shall know that I AM your God. Do not be afraid, but stand still and see the wonders of the Lord this day.


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