Victory despite your surroundings

Posted by Mark Labuschagne on Saturday, September 26, 2020
Look up to Me, for all things are subject to My Word. Nothing is permitted without My knowledge, therefore, do not be afraid of what you see taking place around you, but keep your eyes set and directed towards and on Me. 

This is the time of great separation and of deliverance and healing. This is the time for My people to gather together in My presence and to listen to the sound of My voice. I am calling (Zec 10:8 NKJV I will whistle for them and gather them, For I will redeem them; And they shall increase as they once increased) My people to come up to where I am. Many shall follow the leading of My voice, yet, there shall be many who will be led astray by the doctrines of man, instead of listening to the sound of My voice, they will be drawn away by the religious deception that has crept into the hearts of many. 

Today, open your eyes, look and see the King of glory. Open your ears and listen to the unique sound of My voice, listen to the intense (highly concentrated) sound of My whistle, and come up here and gather on My holy hill  and remain in My presence.

This is not the time to remain busy with your own plans and or to seek out your own agenda, but this is the time to pursue My heart. This is the time to get into and remain in My word and in prayer, for the call that you shall hear, is a clarion sound, crystal clear and decisive call  gathering the remnant around My throne.

The enemy is running rampant and the deception is deep and knows no limits, therefore, now more than ever My children are instructed to open up their hearts and to respond to the sound of My voice. You say, how shall we know that it is You speaking to us, how shall we recognise the sound of Your voice, for many voices cover the vast expanse of the earth and trouble the hearts of even those within the church? Soon, I will cause you to hear, for I will work great signs and wonders amongst you and you shall hear the distinct sound of heaven manifest here on this earth as it is in heaven.  

I am raising My servants up, gathering the watchmen and the shepherds from the four corners of the earth to shout with one voice the praise of Him who sits on the throne. Now prepare your hearts for My coming is at the door. These things that I speak of are not too far off, therefore it is with great urgency that I instruct you to go up to and remain in the meeting place of the Lord. 

My Spirit will guide you, and you who have been called by My name, shall know My voice and gather together in My presence safely sheltered from the great onslaught that is about to come on the face of the earth. So, do not be afraid, but draw closer to me. I am your protector and deliverer, your shield and buckler, your great defense. So while the voices of division that have gone out to deceive even the elect are busy performing their evil duties, you who know My voice, shall not be afraid, but shall gather in worship in the city of your God!


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